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Friday, April 08, 2005 

Poster Project #1

OK, so I started cleaning up the shoddy Anne Milton image, when all of a sudden *I* got sick of looking at her face. So I popped over to my stats package for a little break and found something interesting in the referrals... Previously, this weblog only attracted 4-5 people a day who were looking for 'anne milton' in a search engine (this blog is the top search result for that query in Google, Yahoo and MSN).

That number has now gone up to 15-20 a day. And I think I know why. Driving around yesterday, I noticed a few posters for Anne Milton had started appearing in properties around Cranleigh and Guildford - and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how this idea occured...

People of Guildford, if you happen to live one house down from a property that features an 'Anne Milton' poster, I'd like to to erect one of our posters so people have access to all the information they require about this candidate.


1.Open these two files in your browser and print each image onto A4 paper:

2. Take these print-outs to your local post office, newsagent or public library and photocopy/enlarge them both to A3

3. Take the two A3 sheets and stick them to a piece of 600mmx420mm board

4. Erect this board in your front yard in such as way as to provide the resulting sequence as people drive/walk past from your neighbour's poster to yours:

Your finished poster should look like this:

And the final result should look like this:

Your neighbour may get a little stroppy with you and want to tear your poster down but, damn it, that's what ASBOs are for!


I think you need one for people who live on the other side of the poster as well.

I'd suggest

'Who's a dipstick?'

- | -

Sunday morning's news (10 April) on the UKIP website (www.ukip.org - and it's a well-designed site which is easy to navigate) is that one MARTIN HASLAM of Haywards Heath has been selected to fight the Guildford parliamentary seat. This news will go down like the proverbial ton of lead with Dipstick, as her Tory predecessor blamed UKIP for his losing the seat in the first place !

- | -

Michael Howard is our MP, someone's put up one of his banners in my front garden! That's flat living for you...

- | -

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