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Friday, April 08, 2005 

Qwality Werk

Something *else* that struck me about Anne's April newsletter was this shoddy cut-out of her in the MAIN PICTURE (!) inside the pamphlet:

Take a look at that hair-line, folks. It looks like the designer started half-heartedly and just gave up halfway through.

Maybe this designer didn’t think Anne was worth the trouble. Or perhaps they simply got sick of looking at her face.

Now, think about it, people. Anne wants to win this seat. Obviously if she wants to do this, she will be putting her best foot forward... but she regards this kind of work to be adequate for publication. *This* is her best foot going forward.

God help us if she's put in charge of anything of consequence!

(NOTE - I'll work on doing a proper cut-out of this later today, just to show Anne how it's done.)


Jesus wept Manic, that photo's enough to give me nightmares. Talk about Bride of Frankenstein, the last time I saw someone that scary it was in Norfolk. You know, she doesn't need to eat small children, just one glimpse of that terrifying visage would make them spontaneously combust.

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