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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

There's a place in the world....

Ooh, look! We filtered into the mainstream yesterday!

The Times - A strange case of espionage and warfare inside the commuter belt: A blogger has been having great fun outing party activists who are featured on Mrs Milton's leaflets as local people. "Politicians have to be very careful in this day and age," she said and muttered opaquely that it was possible to use a photograph inadvertently. "I'm not going to talk about this blogger. He's an angry young man."

Here I get to compare Anne Milton - quite fairly, I would think - to George W. Bush.

Y'see, a common tactic used by neo-cons in the US is to define those who oppose the many questionable actions and agendas of the Bush administration as 'Bush Haters'.

Why? because an angry man does not think straight. His mind is clouded to reason.

And Anne Milton has sought to fit me up as an angry young man since we first 'met'.

But it's just not the case, I'm sorry. It's just another example of Anne's reliance on misdirection and bulldust.

Sure, reading stuff like this makes me angry, but when I sit down to blog, my mind is clear and my face has two options:

1) The Mild Smirk
2) The Grin of a Loon

Perhaps Anne can begin working on the 'mentally unstable' angle. Blair makes good use of this to target ex-cabinet members who oppose his many sane initiatives. People like the 'somewhat peculiar' Robin Cook and that 'rather unstable' woman, Clare Short.


Shame you dropped the Julian Clary look-alike photo from the blogsite, as Private Eye have just published it today (28 April) in their 'look-alike' bit of the correspondence page. Maybe they should 'tip their hat' to you....

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