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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 

Kathy Lyons loses by-election - locals don't trust 'local people'

Caroline Anne Reeves, the Liberal Democrat candidate, has been elected as the new councillor for Friary & St Nicolas ward in the recent by-election (conducted 24 Nov 2005). The results were as follows:

Caroline Reeves (Liberal Democrats) - 1123
Kathy Lyons (Conservative Party) - 602
Susan Gomm (Labour Party) - 74
Thomas May (Independent) - 43

That's damn near a 2-to-1 result there. Perhaps folks in the Friary & St Nicolas ward sensed something 'off' about this hot piece of totty.

Could it be because this was the same Kathy they saw promoting Anne Milton as a 'local person' in this pamphlet, this pamphlet and this pamphlet?

If so, it would be a mistake to punish her for this, even if at the time she happened to be registered to vote under the same address as Richard M Halderthay (the promoter of all of these pamphlets).

You see, we cannot confirm career-driven duplicity here. After all, this pop at a proper position may not have been a reward for pamphlet pluggage and rent-a-crowd service at public appearances. It may simply be the case that Kathy was so inspired by Anne Milton's leadership that she decided to go into politics herself.

I, for one, am prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt on this.

But I would question her judgement...

In this, the pamphlet that first got me digging for 'local faces' Kathy says that; "As a mother of 4 Anne has real experience of juggling work and family. She'll be great for Guildford."

Can you spot the mistake Kathy made here? Yes, she forgot to factor in distance.

Anne doesn't live in Guildford, she lives in Reigate. So she has to juggle work and family and distance... and public appearances (see: work).

(Now, you may be tempted to ask; "Are all these public appearances are really necessary?"... but they seemed awfully necessary before the election. Not so much now.)


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