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Friday, April 22, 2005 

Bloody good-for-nothing immigrants

Independent - Tory candidates in marginal seats stir up storm by playing race card: Conservative candidates in marginal seats across Britain are raising fears about the impact of immigration and asylum on council tax, schools and hospitals to swing the populist vote behind the Tories. A survey by The Independent reveals Tory candidates from the south coast to the Scottish Highlands are playing the immigration card to win over undecided voters dissatisfied with Labour.

So it's not just us, then. This other piece is not only funny, it plugs right into the nothingness of Milton's network...

Independent - Conservatives use 'cheap' migrant leafleters: Eastern European migrants allegedly earning less than the legal minimum wage are delivering Conservative Party leaflets in a key marginal constituency... Geoff Martin, a union organiser in south-west London, said the situation exposed the "rank hypocrisy" of the Conservative Party. "There they are, campaigning against immigration and the only way they can get election literature distributed is through an agency employing eastern Europeans, potentially earning less than the national minimum wage. The fact that they can't deliver their own literature, says a lot for the Conservative Party today. "


They are now running a series of ads claiming that County Councils have spent millions on asylum seekers and that this is linked to massive rises in Council Tax.

They fail to mention that Councils get the cost of dealing with asylum seekers repaid to them by central Government.

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Ms Milton made it onto Newsnight on Saturday, as an example of a Tory candidate using two sets of election leaflets. One set lists four of the five key Tory messages, but omits the immigration one while another leaflet highlighted immigration and was distributed only to the more right-leaning parts of the constituency.
At least Ms Milton has not gone as far as her would be colleague in Woking who distributed an ‘I’m tough on immigration’ leaflet in English and an ‘I help immigrates’ leaflet in Urdu!

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