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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Afghanistan needs a nurse!

Anne Milton has asked some interesting questions in Parliament in the past, but this one is a cracker:

Anne Milton (Guildford, Con) - "Is the Secretary of State satisfied that there are enough troops in Afghanistan, bearing in mind the lessons from Iraq that ground troops are essential in order to complete missions adequately?"

Good heavens! She'll be planning military operations next, or maybe even suiting up for action.

How long do you think it will be before the maps have to be updated?



The Taliban have finally met their match. Even the Fire Of The Prophet can be quenched by the icy stare of the Nurse From Reigate. Anne is clearly our national solution to the Middle-East conflict, and good that she should go to live there.

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In a cave.

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Yes - in a cave. It really needs someone with Anne's renowned interpersonal and explorational skills to persuade Osama Bin Laden to leave Tora Bora and pursue the Path Of Peace in Reigate (sorry, I should have said Guildford, but she doesn't live there yet, does she ?) Maybe -as a nurse- she should give him a bedbath first, as the poor chap can't have had a bath or shower for yonks, what with all those missiles falling around him.

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