Friday, January 12, 2007 


There will soon come a day when the Conservative Party will want to be able to deny any knowledge of Anne Milton's antics. But I'm not going to let them get away with it.

Below is just a recent sample of the traffic from Conservative Head Office to this specific area of my website:

I can seee you!

The good people who work for the Conservative Party have also been directly informed of a number of developments, and have even been provided with the relevant evidence. Each and every time they have fobbed me off.

Finally, I know for a fact that David Cameron was made aware of these disgraceful personal attacks by Anne Milton's activists, just a few weeks before he maintained a 'dignified silence' while his activists screamed "Personal attack!" on his behalf. That makes him a very special kind of hypocrite.

Conservative Party Peeps, I have two messages for you:

1. Here's something really special for you to look at; one of Anne Milton's cheerleaders has been making deeply personal and libellous claims about me in Wikipedia (while making empty accusations of libel in the process... and accusing anyone who seeks to correct their vandalism of being me acting as some kind of magical sock-puppet):

Take a look at this, this, and *especially* this. Go on, take a good look. Here's a hint for you if you're confused; the bits highlighted in green are the parts that Milton supporters have added; thereby compromising your party and placing Wikipedia at risk of legal action. Oh, and take a few moments to browse through this website before you claim that this could be the work of a well-meaning member of the public; it was established long ago that the bulk of Anne Milton's endorsements came from Conservative councillors, activists and/or family members.

[Oi! I was arrested for hacking in 2005? Funny, I don't remember that. I don't even remember being questioned by the police. Surely something like that would stick in my mind for a long time to come. No? Oh well. Maybe the experience was so traumatic that I blanked it from my memory. Oh, and speaking of memories, I seem to recall that the *only* person who has *ever* accused me of hacking (mainly because he doesn't know the difference between hacking and tracking) is Dennis Paul, who currently claims to be 'a member of the Executive Committee of Guildford Conservatives and an active Branch Member in Worplesdon'.]

When I saw early abuse of the Wikipedia system that was focused primarily on Anne Milton's entry and tracked it back to a Parliamentary IP address, I sent a complaint to Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin. Surprise, surprise, he fobbed me off... not only with a vague suggestion that perhaps an over-zealous staff member was to blame, but also with the assertion that it was quite an acceptable and valid use of an MP's time to make 'corrections' to their Wikipedia entry. I found this reply to be particularly galling as the bulk of my letter read as follows:
Circumstances would suggest that these edits originated from Anne Milton’s office, but if you require a greater level of certainty before taking action, all you need do is request the HTTP/access logs from the relevant IT department for the times/periods specified above.

Now, I can understand the need for an MP to spend a small amount of time ensuring that their Wikipedia entry does not contain any inappropriate content or factual errors (this strays into a grey area, as part of an MPs duty is to ensure that their constituents are well-informed), but I do not think your average taxpayer would approve of this type of vanity-editing and/or censorship using time and facilities that they pay for.
McLoughlin didn't even acknowledge this section of the letter, and failed to follow the matter up with a simple technical exercise which could easily have confirmed or ruled out Anne Milton's involvement.

The HTTP/access logs I mentioned all those months ago are sure to have been deleted by now in the natural course of server maintenance. So now there's no way of clearing Anne Milton outright.

And since that exchange, the abuse of Wikipedia centring on Anne Milton's entry has escalated. All that these people have learned is (a) how to better cover their tracks and (b) that nobody in authority is going to do a damn thing to stop them.

How often do you find yourself wondering why they call you 'The Nasty Party'?

2. Much shorter this one... but I'm not sure that you'll thank me for it:

You chose her. You backed her. Hell, since all of this happened you even *promoted* her.

Do yourselves a favour... next time you pop by to check what Anne Milton has done recently that compromises you, take a good, long, hard look in the mirror and think about how you have compromised yourselves.

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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Will Anne play ball during Volunteers' Week?

Pandora: First he hopped on his bike and bought a "green" car, then a team of huskies dragged him across the Arctic circle. Now David Cameron is getting ready to perform the third great PR stunt of his reign. In a bid to publicise his new brand of caring Conservatism, the Tory leader has instructed all of his 197 MPs to spend their spring break working for local "good causes". A confidential letter sent by the leader's office on Tuesday commands his MPs to spend the second half of their forthcoming parliamentary recess helping out with national Volunteers' Week. "What I would like you to do is either visit, or volunteer to work with, an appropriate local organisation as close to that week as you can," it reads. "If you could let your whip know what you are planning to do, we will compile the information to make clear how we are supporting the week." The letter, seen by Pandora yesterday, has met with a mixed response from the Tory rank and file. Although Cameron's stock is high following the local elections, MPs on the right of his party are upset at being told how to spend their free time. "We've got a two-week recess, which starts next Friday," says one. "Most of us have booked family holidays and aren't about to cancel them to work in the local Oxfam or whatever left-wing charities Dave wants us to support so he can get a few cheap headlines."

(Oh dear. Are *all* of the dissenters right-wing? Are *all* charities left-wing?)

Anne has lost a lot of ground in Guildford this past year by being extremely selfish with her time. She's not exactly a shining star in Cameron's little world, either. This Volunteers' Week initiative looks like a quick and easy win for her on both fronts... but will she take advantage of it?

And, if she does take part, will she choose to volunteer somewhere local... or perhaps somewhere in our little constituency?

(Here's an idea, Anne: you can donate some free time to one of our local hospitals and remind everyone that you're a nurse. Again. Oh, but do be careful not to push anyone around, Princess.)

UPDATE (28 Jun) - MPs visit CHASE hospice as part of Volunteers Week: Conservative MPs Anne Milton (Guildford) and Jeremy Hunt (South West Surrey) experienced first hand knowledge of what it is like to work in the CHASE children’s hospice, Christopher’s on Friday – during Volunteers Week. The MPs joined members of the CHASE care team during their morning’s work, getting young people out of bed and ready for the day, feeding them and attending to their medical needs.

(Oi! Who said "Wow, a whole morning's work, not counting time-out for the photo-op. Big deal!"...? Tch. You *know* Amme is far too busy censoring her Wikipedia entry to handle much more than this. She does some occasional work as our MP, too. So back off!)

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Friday, April 28, 2006 

What model car does Anne Milton drive?

How very interesting...The latest issue of the Surrey Advertiser reports that David Cameron rolled into town this week "to test-drive an array of eco-friendly cars" at Dunsfold Park.

It also informs us that MPs Jeremy Hunt and Anne Milton were rather shy about what they drive... they both chose to hide their cars behind an aircraft hangar!

Jeremy - to his credit - reacted to that hot feeling on the back of his neck and made a pledge to upgrade to a hybrid alternative.

Anne had no such feeling (insert 'cold-blooded reptile' joke here) and made no such pledge... and instead chose to dodge the issue. (Surprise, surprise, surprise!)

So... given that Amme has to drive all the way from Reigate (on those days when she can be bothered to turn up in Guildford at all) I think that the electorate has a right to know what model car she drives... don't you?

PS - I really must include this picture from the event. It speaks for itself...

David Cameron keeps a wary eye on Anne Milton

UPDATE - Independent - Cameron's image as green leader goes up in smoke: David Cameron's campaign for the green vote suffered a setback when it emerged that he is followed by his official car when he cycles to work. Mr Cameron has been regularly photographed cycling the five miles from his west London home to Westminster. In fact, he is often followed by his Lexus car, whose driver picks up shoes, clothes and documents the Tory leader cannot carry on his bike.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005 

Will Anne Milton sign Early Day Motion 1088?

EDM 1088 - CONDUCT OF GOVERNMENT POLICY IN RELATION TO THE WAR AGAINST IRAQ: That this House believes that there should be a select committee of seven honourable Members, being members of Her Majesty's Privy Council, to review the way in which the responsibilities of Government were discharged in relation to Iraq and all matters relevant thereto, in the period leading up to military action in that country in March 2003 and in its aftermath.

During the election campaign, Anne claimed to be angry about the Iraq war 'from the very beginning'.

Will she put her name to this motion?

If she does, will she do it early or will she hang back for a bit and see what other MPs do first?

[Note for the record: currently there are 6 signatures.]

25 Nov - 32 signatures today... Anne's isn't among them.
26 Nov - 45 signatures, no Milton
30 Nov - 59 signatures (15 of them Tory), no Milton

1 Dec - 69 signatures and.... Anne Milton's is one of them! I must admit that I'm pleasantly surprised (this brings Anne score up to 2 in my book). I honestly thought she wouldn't touch this EDM with a barge poll while the Tory leadership remained in question. Either Anne has grown a pair, or Guido is on the money when he says that Davis is all but buried.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

Eyes on the prize

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

Oops, we did it again!

Monday 10th Oct 2005: This blog criticises Anne Milton for sitting on the fence.

Tuesday 12th Oct 2005: Anne Milton finally declares support for a candidate:

Guardian - 12 October: With Guildford's new MP, Anne Milton, also declaring for him last night Mr Cameron now has 29 public backers, Dr Fox 15, Mr Clarke 20.

That's three complete coincidences in a row, folks (see: coincidences 1 and 2).

We've heard reports of Amme declaring support for David Davis on the radio early last week, but have yet to confirm that. But if we could, it would show a clear pattern of her backing the favourite... and then backing the favourite. No matter... lack of confirmation on this front merely robs us of a new nickname; Little Morphin' Annie.

Also, this belated declaration requires us to update the Anne Milton For Shadow Cabinet campaign, but let's give members of her staff the public a chance to refute the importance/effectiveness of this blog first, m'kay?

Comments were open on Monday and Tuesday. They are open again today.

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Monday, October 10, 2005 

Dipstick declares support for...?

Telegraph - Clues to how those MPs who have not revealed their intentions may cast their vote: Anne Milton (Guildford): Undecided. Appears open to persuasion from any candidate.

Anne Milton stands up for what she believes in!

64 undecided, and she's the only one with no known indication. Even out of the fresh crop of 56 new Tory MPs - i.e. with no 'history' - she's the only one with no indication (or declaration).

Perhaps it's a communication problem. After all, I've been assured on numerous occasions that Amme is a left-of-centre Tory who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Maybe no-one has heard her speak it yet.

Or maybe - just maybe - there's a reason why this reminds me so much of the Amme's pre-election public consultation exercise (which I've summarised below in the hope that you will understand why I first nicknamed her 'dipstick'):

People of Guildford, tell me what you believe in and care about.... (pause).... well, I'll be jiggered; that's *exactly* what I believe in and care about!

Tell you what; the comments will be left open today so the anonymous 'contributors' who support Anne Milton (but definitely don't work for Anne Milton) can speak up on her behalf and perhaps choose from the following options:

- Inform Amme's constituents of her clearly stated (but sadly unreported) preference

- Express a personal preference and project that onto Amme (so she can deny having expressed it herself)

- Either of the above, while also choosing the relatively safe option of ruling out one of the trailing candidates

- Explain to those of us with hate-filled hearts that Amme is mostly concerned about *local* issues and *local* people and *local* action

- Explain to those of us with hate-filled hearts that what we are watching is diplomacy in action

- Criticise those of us with hate-filled hearts for interfering with a deeply personal decision

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Monday, September 05, 2005 

The Anne Milton for Shadow Cabinet campaign

And I quote: Anne believes that as a nurse and working mother, with nearly 30 years experience in the NHS and local government she brings a fresh approach to Conservative politics. She believes that many people are disillusioned with politicians and she is determined to show people that she can bring a new set of values and skills to Parliament.

'Many' people believe that she should have that chance... but she won't get far bitching from the back benches, as any MP will be able to tell you.

To really make a difference, Anne needs to be where the action is... and as the Tory leadership contest hots up, I propose that Anne's supporters put their money where their mouth is. In more ways than one:

Anne Milton for Shadow Cabinet!
Click here for an A4-sized poster!

The campaign is going to run a bit like Pop Idol... and by that I mean you'll need to suck up to the judges.

What you have to do is choose the one candidate you believe should (or could) replace Michael Howard as the next Tory leader, register your support for them via email, and also make it clear in that email why you think Anne should play a key role in their cabinet.

Key points you may wish to raise include:
- She's a nurse
- She's a mother
- She's a Scorpio

You may only choose one candidate, and you are only permitted to send one email.

You are not - repeat not - allowed to be naughty and make multiple pleas under a range of pseudonyms.

(Note - Should Anne make a public statement of support in favour of one candidate over another, then we will of course bow to her wisdom and instead focus the calls for a shadow cabinet position accordingly, and a second email will be permitted for each participant who chose the 'wrong' candidate.)

Ken Clarke - email or use this contact page
David Davis - email or use this contact page
David Cameron - email or use this contact page
Liam Fox - email or use this contact page
Malcolm Rifkind - email or use this contact page




Anne has now thrown her weight behind David Davis Cameron, which means that you now need to send emails to him and him alone.

(Unless of course you wish to send emails to any of the other candidates to inform them that Anne Milton does not wish to form part of their shadow cabinet, as she is a woman of strong convictions, and any such offer would only embarrass her.)

David Cameron - email or use the contact details at his campaign website

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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Voters need (working) holidays too

This weblog is shutting down for a couple of weeks so I can focus on The Political Weblog Project.

Oh, but here is a message for Dennis Paul to tide you over.

PS - Anne Milton appears to have a new website on the way. I'm sure it will be quite wonderful to look at.

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