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Thursday, April 07, 2005 

Late changes to the April pamphlet

Hmm. Something else just popped up... why was this change necessary, do you think?

Current theories:

1. It's a pretty awful scan, but that *doesn't* look like Sue Doughty to me. Maybe the image was dropped because a caption change to 'Anne with some lady' didn't quite cut it.

2. If that is Sue Doughty, then perhaps her minders thought that a direct comparison would not work in Anne's favour.

3. Perhaps - just perhaps - they dropped this photo because a few moments after it was taken, Anne lost control and ate the toddler.

Anyone else?


The photo was taken in daylight and not at dusk when creatures of the night emerge....

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You also might want to ask Anne what Kat Fletcher (who I'm pretty sure that is in the top left-hand corner) thinks of the Tories. Because she's been pretty darn vocal against her this past week at the NUS conference...

Hardly a ringing endorsement :p

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I've almost given up on asking Anne questions. When I email her, she ignores me - and when I call her, she tries to sidestep the substance of any query by insisting that I'm driven by blind hatred or anger.

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