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Friday, April 21, 2006 

Guildford needs a nurse like a numbat needs nits

Surrey Advertiser - Hospital beds set to close: There was bad news for Cranleigh this week when it was revealed that local health chiefs are pushing for the closure of the village hospital’s beds... Guildford MP Anne Milton said she was deeply upset by the news, adding: “The community is having to take the pain of years of mismanagement within the PCT.” The PCT has hailed the response to its consultation – almost 24,000 contributions – as a success but Mrs Milton said: “Whatever people said, it wasn’t going to make any difference to what the PCT did.” She has again written to Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, but doubted the PCT was likely to change its stance. Former MP, Sue Doughty, labelled the proposal “outrageous”, adding: “It completely flies in the face of the Government’s own proposals, and combined with the proposals to close A&E at the Royal Surrey means that Cranleigh people will be completely isolated in terms of hospital based health care.”

How nice it is to see our former MP (who may stand again) defiant in the face of reckless stupidity while the alligator-skin luggage we've been lumbered with publicly admits defeat. I don't know exactly what Milton used to do as a nurse, but I pray to God they didn't put her in charge of resuscitation.... because Milton also appears on page 3 of the Surrey Ad, and again throws her hands in the air with a defeatist line on public consultation... this time over the possible closure of the A&E department of the Royal Surrey County Hospital!

Surrey Ad -21st April 2006

We don't pay her to be angry, upset or passionate... we pay her to take action. FFS, this is supposed to be the one area where her strengths lie, but she's turning out to be as useless as tits on a bull on all fronts. (Though I suppose we should be thankful that she has at least got her hands on a clever researcher. Amme now manages to avoid major embarrassments in Westminster when she's not required to think on her feet.)

Of course, Amme now finds it much harder to get things done after close to 12 months of treating local groups and organisations like something she found on the bottom of her shoe (she turned up at my kids' school the other week and this pattern continued when she stayed long enough to have her picture taken and then took off).

You'd think that a woman who began with no real support network (1, 2, 3, 4) would work to build an actual one upon getting the job, but not our Amme.

No, she prefers to slug it out take a dive alone.


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