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Thursday, August 17, 2006 

Behind the smearing wheel

Two of Anne Milton's most ardent supporters - local Conservative campaigners Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul - are heavily implicated in an anonymous weblog smear campaign that will turn your stomach:

Click here for the full exposé.

Dennis Paul has since stopped blogging on his official weblog (where further accusations have been made against myself), but the anonymous websites - one of which features a baseless claim that one of their political opponents is a paedophile - are still live.

Anne Milton was informed of the latter site - and the involvement of her former election campaign team member Mike Chambers* - a month ago. Her response was to get a researcher to promise that she would "look into it" only if the victim of this smear came forward.

(*Note - It only became clear in the past week that Dennis Paul was equally involved.)

My view is that - in a case such as this - it doesn't matter what the victim does or does not want to do or say; if a former member of your campaign team and a current local Conservative campaigner is implicated in a smear campaign, it is up to the most senior Conservative representative in the area to investigate it.

When it involves the type of accusation that has in the past led to attacks on innocent people by unbalanced individuals, then it is up to the most senior Conservative representative in the area to investigate it pretty bloody urgently.

Sadly, despite a clear opportunity to deal with this problem, Anne Milton now has to deal with the following facts:

FACT: This involves a criminal act; specifically, a hate crime.

FACT: On Tuesday 18 July 2006 I informed Anne Milton via email that I had proof that Mike Chambers was connected to this criminal act, and she did not even ask to see that proof.

FACT: The relevant smears against myself, many previous attacks on my good name, and this hate crime are all a direct result of my daring to scrutinise the performance of my local MP (which I believe is the right of any constituent). In short; with or without her knowledge, Mike Chambers and Dennis Paul were operating for her benefit and/or for the benefit of other local members of her party.

I am not for a minute suggesting that this is why she is dragging her heels; in fact, I have asserted time and again that she is *constantly* dragging her heels - and once again I'm forced to go public with my findings just to get this woman to Do. Her. Bloody. Job.

Seriously; does she have to be shamed into doing every little thing?

UPDATE (22 Aug) - I now have proof that Mike Chambers is directly involved in the 'paedo' smear... and Anne Milton's office is *still* stalling.

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In some democratic environments, such as student unions, it's possible to take a vote of no confidence in the individual to vote them out. Is it not possible in this case?

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I'm reasonably certain that - at this stage - we're reliant on the grace of the Conservative Party.

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Oh dear. Bring on the next General Election then.

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As I said over at Bloggerheads, I'm fed up with her and her gang of thugs (especially when these puffed-up partisans have the temerity to describe themselves as 'facilitators'), and I now plan to spend the coming months working toward her deselection.

Guildford deserves better, and there are many Conservatives who agree with me.

If she is not unwilling to do her job properly, she is busy proving herself incapable.

Further, smear campaigns like this one only reinforce the 'nasty party' stereotype that they are desperate to shake before the next General Election.

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Thanks for doing all this digging Tim.

This is about as low as they could go.

If Anne Milton and Guildford Conservatives do not deal properly with the individuals concerned they will rightly be held to account.

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