Tim Ireland

Detail of services provided by UK-based online marketing consultant Tim Ireland, including personal/professional profile and background on search engine optimisation, social media marketing, viral marketing, and other forms of link generation.


Tim Ireland photoTim Ireland was born in Australia, and was educated at James Ruse AHS. He then went on to drop out of university because they wouldn’t let him ‘mix’ majors (art and communication are two different things… who knew?) and instead went on to become a DJ, creating a show based almost entirely on music video and other forms of multimedia, mixed live and often produced in conjunction with the audience themselves. This led to an early career in video production and copywriting for the screen.

He then moved to the UK and began writing/adapting copy for the web, quickly moving into the field of search engine optimisation as the relevant technologies emerged and evolved around him.

Tim has worked exclusively in the field of search engine optimisation for over a decade now, completing work for long list of household names and conducting extensive experiments and campaigns in pursuit of his personal/political goals and material for an ongoing series of public and private seminars.

His subsequent interest in blogging led him to produce the first weblog by a Labour MP (Tom Watson) and the first weblog by a Conservative MP (Boris Johnson). He is the reason Tony Blair was the top search result for ‘liar’ for almost two years, and he once started his own cult so he could compete for the top result for the single word ‘religion’ in Google. He eventually peaked at 6th, but is happy to have outranked the Catholic Church and the Church of England in the process.


Professional Services

Search Engine Seminar and Workshop

While I’m available for wider consultancy on some projects, in the main I only offer one service these days, and that is to teach your staff everything they need to know about search engines so they can make better use of their own assets, skills and instincts while acting in coordination towards agreed long term goals.

Find out more: SEO Seminar: Understanding Google, Relevance and Optimisation

Keyword Strategy & Coordination of Relevance

Some clients require an expert to help them arrive at a long term keyword strategy and shape their web presence accordingly. If you are such a client, with a large site and/or ambitious goals, my goal is to help you make the most of your existing asset(s)/developer(s) so you quickly arrive at a point where your only/primary ongoing tasks are (a) the continued production of relevant content where applicable, and/or (b) engagment with your customers or potential customers in a way that improves your standing in search engines over time. You may note that this goal does not include billing you monthly from now until forever, but instead helping you to better understand and engage with search engines yourself.

Find out more: Contact me for further details and references

Political Relevance: Agenda Control & Influence

Talk to me if you aim to be a high search result for a specific issue or ‘hot topic’ issues generally. I’ve been at it for years and have armed polticians, publishers and lobbyists in much the same way that I have armed my commercial clients. Please be aware that political alignment may be an issue (I do not have to agree with you, but I do not work on projects I fundamentally oppose) and I cannot afford to be as discreet about our relationship as I am with most of my commercial clients (I engage in politics on a daily basis and believe in declaring interests).

Find out more: Contact me for further details and references

Conception/Production of Music Video and Other Viral Mechanisms

Not every viral marketing mechanism needs to be a video or a game or an interactive MacGuffin; one of my most successful viral mechanisms was a ‘mere’ 220 words of text on a page. Also, not every viral marketing mechanism needs to reach hundreds of thousands of people; if it’s cleverly integrated with your keyword strategy (and this is what I do that’s different), it can reach a few thousand or even a few hundred people who can greatly improve your standing in search engines by linking to it… and it is this that helps you reach a much larger audience.

Find out more: Contact me for further details and live examples (including some search results that will blow your mind)