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What is the Universal Church of the Interactive Network?

The Universal Church of the Interactive Network is a group that believes the empowering potential of the Internet is largely going to waste.

The Internet is a global communications device like no other, yet the vast majority of us use it to argue with our neighbours or satisfy base needs such as greed or lust. No alien intelligence in its right mind would make contact with us if all we can do is rob each other blind, bicker constantly, or masturbate furiously over pornography.

To combat this wasteful and negative use of the Internet, we have created a set of directives to guide you in its proper use.

Following and promoting these guidelines will, we believe, not only make the Internet a better place to be, but in doing so increase the possibility of our communicating harmoniously on a global scale and achieving the singular consciousness that many theorise will herald a golden age of interstellar contact.


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