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Every religion needs its nutbags, and we're no different.

We have the get the message out somehow, and the people who need us the most are either too selfish to think of others, too dumb to use a search engine, or too damned scared to venture anywhere near a computer.

Because of this, we encourage outgoing individuals who are oblivious to scorn and derision to testify on our behalf by witnessing online, in the street, or door-to-door.

Witnessing online couldn't be easier. All you have to do is take part in your chosen online communities as normal, but stand ready to advise those who need a clue-by-four (preferably by providing a timely link to our directives where necessary).

Witnessing in the real world is, we will admit, more of a challenge (as it requires you to commit serious facetime to passers-by in the street or people in your neighbourhood). To aid you in your quest, we have produced the following ready-made pamphlet for you to print and distribute at your convenience.

CLICK HERE for the large version

click here for your witnessing pamphlet

(Note - We originally intended to produce a three-fold pamphlet in .pdf format, but didn't think anybody would actually bother downloading the file, printing countless copies correctly on both sides of single sheet A4 and then folding them all neatly - so we just made a simple one-page 169 KB JPEG to make the arduous task of witnessing just that little bit easier. You're welcome.)


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