Yipes! That’s a VERY old link! But don’t worry…

I foolishly started blogging on a very unique platform (‘x-blog’ by A. Frost), which made bringing my old entries into MovableType near-to-impossible. But, years later, I eventually worked out a rough hack that would let me bring them into WordPress (which is the current platform here at Bloggerheads). Matching all of those query strings to new permalinks wasn’t going to happen (especially when I archived the old material in fortnightly chunks instead of daily to save time) but, happily, all of those old query-string links came complete with a date that should make finding the relevant entry a breeze if you happen across one of these links.

(And, as you’ve just discovered, anyone trying to follow one of those links will end up on this page.)

The following example highlights just such a date in bold (18 June, 2002):


To find this entry, you would only need to choose ‘June 2002’ via the date-based ‘Archives’ menu and then scan that page for entries from the 18th.

Hopefully, that’s easy enough for you, and you can find what you’re looking for. Sorry for any inconvenience. Cheers all.