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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

Anne who?

Once upon a time, there was a little girl by the name of Anne Turner. She played with the usual toys and grew up with a lust for power that is common in most children.

When she came of age, Anne married Neil Milton and took his name (which was the style at the time).

Sadly, the all-too-common spectre of marital discord cast a shadow over their happy union. Divorce was the result.

There are no records to indicate if Anne got the house or the car, but she did keep the name.

Not too long after this, an older and wiser Anne found happiness in the arms of Graham Henderson, who is described in her literature as; "Graham, a doctor"...

Graham is actually more of a consultant than a doctor, but the most curious thing to me appears to be that the 'Henderson' name isn't mentioned and Anne doesn't go by the name 'Anne Henderson' but 'Anne Milton'. Why?

It's not as if his name is Graham Scabcock or anything like that.

Perhaps Anne merely wished to keep the name from her previous marriage for personal reasons. Perhaps she didn't wish to be confused with the Anne Henderson who ran for local office in Bradford and West Yorkshire.

Personally, I think she should have jumped at the chance to go by the name 'Henderson'. Thanks to the lovely Florence, this name is associated with caring, loving, God-fearing mother-types that don't eat babies. Ever. Unless they're really, really hungry and Alice is all out of meatloaf.


Last night Anne sought to remind everyone how difficult it was living on a modest public-sector salary, after her 25 years as a nurse.

I did wonder why she forgot to mention her husband's job.

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He may be her partner - and one must genuinely admire his patience - but is he actually her lawful wedded husband (matters to Tories) ?

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Anne was born in 1955, is married to Graham (who is a doctor) and has four children......so says the www.conservatives.com website........

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Indeed softsand. But she failed to mention her husband when asked about living on the average salary; she tried to claim she has lived on the average salary (and less than) for the last 25 years. Does her husband not give her any money? That wouldn't be very nice.

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She also failed to say that buying a house in Guildford was no problem for her, she didn't even have to sell the old one.
Personally I blame the housing shortage in the borough on Tory candidates buying second homes.

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You know, if she had that house and wasn't using it, it would make sense to make it available to a member (or members) of her campaign team as a kind of 'drop in' centre. This would be a very clever and efficient thing to do... so long as they didn't get caught at it.

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…average salary ??? Her first husband was a commercial property developer for a foreign bank based in London (Galleria at Hatfield and a slice of Canary Wharf) and her second husband a NHS Consultant and Director of a Health Authority…..average salaries??? …don’t think so….

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