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Friday, May 06, 2005 

Fear. Works.

Guildford, we're in for a rough 4 years. Bullshit won the election (by 347 votes); Milton will *not* be allowed to get away with bullshit as our representative.

My first question to Dipstick: *When* exactly will we see you take action against a Guildford casino? As you promised. (I so look forward to your first hug confrontation with Michel Harper.)

PS - Those of us watching the results live have been disturbed by a pattern of strong BNP results. This is almost certainly the result of the Tory/Crosby effect bolstering, spreading and/or legitimising racism. Anne Milton did not - at any stage of her campaign - even try to distance herself from the grubby, racist Tory leaflets deliberately targeted at impoverished areas. You will want to watch this woman very, very closely.

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Unprintable thoughts - except to quote (a) Abraham Lincoln ("You can fool all of the people some of the time") and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin ("Lies often win elections more that truth does"). Mind you, there's always good old Jan Hus (Czech, XV century): "Pravda vitezi - Truth will [ultimately] conquer". So let's carry on fighting the good fight.

Tory canvassers / tellers were calling her "Julian" as well yesterday, by the way.

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Cheers, mate. Do get in touch later today. I have a small favour to ask.

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Woop! Tories back in control in Guildford, four more years and we'll see the back of Robin Hood and his merry men.

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We lost the battle, but still won the war. Now Ms Milton will have to decide if she really is a rebellious Tory wet as she has portrayed herself to get elected, or if she will switch to being one of the Tory faithful. It will be interesting to watch.
Thanks Tim for providing the forum.

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Dear dear - did Anne Milton win despite your venom? Hmmmmmmmm wonder who's having the last laugh

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Yes... venom. And hate. And that's all. There wasn't a single fact revealed in this weblog, now was there?

Oh, wait... there was! Several of them, in fact. And Milton winning does not change the fact that she lied and deceived her way into that position.

It also does not change the fact that she used fear of foreigners, disease and murder in a grossly irresponsible manner.

Did you watch the healthy gains the BNP made in this election? We have the Tories to thank for that... and Anne Milton played ball all along. She didn't rebel against *that*, now did she. (Perhaps someone else can remind me of what a nice person she is. Now would be a good time.)

I look forward to monitoring the delivery rate of the many, many promises she has made.

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Just checked how Dennis Paul got on and despite claims on his web site of 'Den's Leading In Guildford West' and 'It's too close to call between Labour and the Conservatives', the Lib Dems won comfortably.

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tim -point well noted: how do I get in contact?

Cheers for now


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contact details at Bloggerheads

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I think Anne did very well - many congratulations. She must now be measured on what she achieves in the next 4 or so years.

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Nice article on page 5 of 6 May Surrey Advertiser with lots of critical quotes from this site about Dipstick and also the Julian Clary photo - if only they'd printed it a week earlier Sue might have won the election !

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NO matter how your page trys to disguise it, Sue Doughty personally was a unmitigated disaster for Guildford, she is currently under investigation for using parlimentary funds and resources to broadcast her campaign as an example.

As an aside, 48,000 lib dem voters were polled on what they thought of the party's policies.
More than 68% had absolutely no idea what those policies were.


Thank the gods they'll never get the sort of popular support to form a government.

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jamesdean007 said: "She must now be measured on what she achieves in the next 4 or so years."

I couldn't agree more. And that's just what we're going to do. Miltonites are welcome to contribute (rather than merely bitching about bias, they can add to the balance).

twobells: Less of the 'personal attacks and vitriol', please... and perhaps there can also be an investigation into aspects of Anne Milton's campaign. Questions about racist lealets targeting impoverished areas have yet to be answered.

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I for one have throughly enjoyed reading this web and in my own selfish way am glad that Anne Milton won simply as it means that I anticipate many more hours spent reading the witicism and criticism which you serve up so well!!!
The battle for Anne I suspect is just begining and I for one intend to give her a hard time...I've written her 3 letters so far outlining suggested improvements for Guildford...will let you know when (if) I get a reply.
Keep up the good work.

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This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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As a matter of record, TwoBells is wrong to state that Sue Doughty is "under parliamentary investigation"; she is NOT. Several MPs of all Parties - of whom Sue is one - have put in hand interim practical arrangements for handling constituents' ongoing casework (and some of it on-goes for a very long time !) This doesn't necessarily fit the Serjeant at Arms' rigid rule-book, but MPs of all Parties are jointly negotiating this. Hardly a hanging offence - maybe TwoBalls should check more closely in future.

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shalfordian: twobells is clearly guilty of what he/she accuses this site of; "(airing) biased, ill-informed nonsense"

That twobells would make this accusation in another thread a few minutes after committing the sin themselves in this one doesn't give me much hope for reasoned/reasonable input from this individual in the future.

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I don't know whether you noticed that our distinguished MP had pushed her way to the front of the new MPs parade yesterday. When Michael Howard was speaking in front of them all she was half in shot, half out. So naturally she moves her head to one side - the side that means she's fully in shot.

I'm sure we can look forward to her sitting behind Michael Howard/new leader, grinning inanely and nodding enthusiastically to everything he says, no matter if it goes contrary to all the principles she laid out in the election campaign.

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Actually I was pleased to see the new MP at the front of the new intake of Conservative MPs. Rather that than someone who is going to skulk at the back for the first 4 years. You want your representative to be out there, visible and accessible don't you?

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Visibility=accessibility. That's the best one yet.

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The comments on this site remind me of the many student union meetings I attended all those years ago (usually involving questions such as whether we should occupy the admin block again as a mighty blow against apartheid/US imperialism/Mickey Mouse etc.)

As always, then Men of the Left are all rant and cant.

I must have received the same election leaflets as everyone else. The Tory leaflets contained no more guff than anyone else's. The LibDems were rude towards Milton, but she did not reciprocate. The Blogsites were insulting towards Milton, unremittingly.

As someone who is not affiliated to any political party, I was far more likely to be provoked into voting Conservative by reason of the personal attacks on Milton.

Take note of the views of an ordinary voter. We don't think like you politicos. And there are many more of us, than you....

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'Everybody else does it' is not a valid defence... and you have made this statement without a shred of proof.

'Not affiliated to any political party'...? The flurry of comments you made today make you sound like a Tory dupe. And - unlike your rather blinkered statement about students - I can quite fairly say that I have found this to be typical of Milton 'supporters' (i.e. the vocal ones are not always what they seem).

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You have roundly condemned propositions that I have not made. I can assume only that you did not read my comment properly or did not understand it. I would not suggest you have deliberately misrepresented it. Argue with Patsy, she's a Tory, but not with me. I'm Joe Public and I can get the hump, with serious electoral consequences.

Chill out like that nice Lib Dem Chris, who contributes to your blog. There's more to life than left wing politics.

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Do pardon me for misreading your assertion that I was somehow part of the political scene and not a concerned member of the public like your good self.

You're absolutely right about life and left-wing politics, though. All this time, I thought I was simply speaking up regarding issues I cared about. Now I see I was wrong. I shall terminate my activities immediately.

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There you go again...

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