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Friday, April 29, 2005 

Has Anne blown her budget?

This is what the residents of Bramley are getting in place of the glossy pamphlets of yore:

What you're looking at is a double-sided A3 photocopy. On pink paper.

1. It's rubbish.
2. It's also dangerous. Anyone with access to a computer and photocopier could produce an alternative/parody version inside of an hour.


...but ...but ...its on pink paper ...not even on conservative pale blue....come along Anne.....we are not impressed.

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Thats about an hour Tim..how you getting on?

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also true in Shalford - being delivered late yesterday evening. (I challenged a lurking Tory deliverer who was doing a very good prospective burglar imitation at dusk, under "neighbourhood watch" auspices, and asked for ID. He seemed disconcerted, so I went and tidied up the letterboxes after he left, as one does. So I now have the Pink Peril. For some reasons the Tories never deliver at our house; possibly the large Sue Doughty posterboard may have something to do with this.)

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Both parties seem to have blown their budgets and are now delivering 100% genuine handwritten letters to us. Anne even starts hers with 'Dear Fellow Resident'. I can’t remember moving to Reigate???
Also got a 'handwritten' letter from Michael Howard. Four pages, not one mention of the NHS. I guess if he can't use and abuse MRSA stats anymore he's got nothing else to say on the subject.

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