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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

Anything for a vote

On Tuesday, April 19th 2005, Anne Milton used her opportunity to address a public meeting at Guildford Baptist Church to make a deeply moving statement of faith.

I would remind Anne that Leviticus 19:11-12 reads as follows:

Do not lie.
Do not deceive one another.
Do not swear falsely by my name and so profane the name of your God.

During this campaign, Anne has lied. During this campaign, Anne has sought to deceive (1, 2, 3, 4).

And now, as part of her campaign, she has sworn falsely by the name of her God.


At the meeting last night at the University Ms Milton said she wanted to be a 'new sort of politician' and then went on to lie again when confronted with the Newsnight story about selectively distributing leaflets on immigration. She even asked the person who raised the issue to withdraw the accusation, which of course he did not. Her explanation was mumbled and hard to follow, but seemed to involve blaming the Post Office.
In contrast the only spontaneous round of applause of the night was in response to Sue Doughty stating her views on immigration and how it has been dealt with in this campaign.

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Heh. Anne 'Mumbles' Milton strikes again:

The Times - A strange case of espionage and warfare inside the commuter belt: A blogger has been having great fun outing party activists who are featured on Mrs Milton's leaflets as local people. "Politicians have to be very careful in this day and age," she said and muttered opaquely that it was possible to use a photograph inadvertently.

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