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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Last-minute number-crunching

Up until this very moment, this weblog has reached 4,375 unique visitors. 1,673 of them have come back for more.

The Press Association do not expect results from Guildford until 2:30am on Friday morning.

PolticalBetting.com reports the following odds from William Hill:

Liberal Democrat Party - 4/9
Conservative Party - 13/8
Labour Party - 33/1
UKIP - 100/1

There are a lot of unknowns (from the effectiveness of the Tory 'fear of everything' campaign to the increased likelihood of protest votes from former Labour supporters) but my own personal prediction in this election is for Sue Doughty to retain her seat by at least 1,200 votes.


Well, that's Dipstick Julian Clary-a-like MP. You unlucky sod.

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Tell me about it. Now I have 4 years of hard slog ahead of me.

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Good prediction only 1500 or so votes aadrift. You really don't want to take up gambling do you now?

- | -

I blame my faith in human nature.

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I wonder what would happen if proportional representation was introduced ?

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