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Friday, October 14, 2005 

Fresh meat in flabbergasted flapdoodle

Some people would have you think that I don't take healthcare seriously ("... and you die Tim, you die!"), but I regard the health and welfare of others to be of primary importance... which is why I think Anne Milton is a very dangerous beast indeed.

She used to be a nurse, you know.... so we can trust her to take control of health issues. And she is so very passionate. What could possiblie go wrong?

Well, here's Anne in the Commons yesterday being the castigated - and *mocked* - by the Speaker... and then outwitted by Geoff Hoon, of all people.

Geoff Hoon!

Business of the House: 13 Oct 2005: House of Commons debates (TheyWorkForYou.com)

Click, follow and read. Witness the flabbergasting for yourself. Gaze in wonder at the invitation to come to Guildford that is addressed not to the Leader of the House, but to the Speaker - who then accepts the invitation in jest.

This mess allowed Geoff Hoon to dodge the question with the zinger that he "would not want to get in the way of Mr. Speaker's visit".

Is this - as Anne would put it - 'cutting the mustard'?

No, it's more like cutting the cheese. It is a pointless fart in a sea of gas.

(Speaking of which, we were given many assurances during the election campaign that a Tory MP would better-placed to influence the Tory-controlled Surrey County Council. How's that going?)


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