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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Surgeries III

See also; Surgery details (July 25) and Surgeries II (27 July)

At the latest Bramley Parish Council meeting (28th July) a request came from Anne Milton's office that the BPS website carry "details of surgeries throughout her constituency". The wording was quite odd; it was almost as if they wanted to back-date the request for some strange reason.

I think we can assume that similar requests have now gone out to other regional sites of this type (where they'll probably fare better than they will with BPC, who tend to avoid party politics).

But why these websites? Why not her own?

Well, I'm glad you asked...

Over the weekend, a new page that actually acknowledges the existence of surgeries has appeared on the guildfordconservatives.com website.

Complete coincidence #562

Future dates and locations have yet to be posted, but this would seem to be progress. Of the A281 variety.

It's a sad state of affairs when an MP who won her seat on promises of action over and above that of the former MP has to be publicly provoked into taking simple measures like this.

I get the distinct impression that - like Nick St Aubyn, the Tory MP who served before Sue Doughty - Milton has little intention of doing much in the constituency aside from an opening barrage of questions meant to 'address' some major election promises (Gesta Non Verba, anyone?) and she will take what measures she can to avoid this (primary!) aspect of her role.... *if* she feels she can get away with it.

Well, I don't plan to let her get away with it. She's here to serve us; not use us as her entry-ticket to Willy's Westminster Chocolate Factory.

I fully intend to see that she works for us to the full extent of her somewhat limited capacity.

And if she thinks that she can win the seat a second time without moving into the constituency, she's got another think coming.


Tim, if you constantly goad Ms Milton into being a proper MP, you will ensure that she is re elected.

- | -

Oh, and I forgot to say, good luck with the protest on Monday.

I only hope you don't provoke Parliament into enacting a thirty mile protest exclusion zone around each individual MP.

Scary things, peaceful protests.

Well at least the Police get to use their new batons and riot gear.

- | -

From the viewpoint of a local constituent with an urgent problem the new "Surgery" page on the Guildford Tory website (thanks to you for pointing it out) is distinctly inadequate - all the page does is to quote the 300330 phone number for appointments and the email address yet again, and no more. Oh, and it does have a photo of Milton in red gear by Big Ben, so I suppose that's all right then. The constituent will feel much happier and get a Nice Warm Feeling.

What it SHOULD do - and doesn't - is to carry a regularly updated list of surgery times and places for the next four weeks, like Sue Doughty's site used to do.

It all suggests we have a minimalist MP who likes the glory but not the work, doesn't it ?

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Give it time, shalfordian... their request that other sites carry full details would suggest that they intend to include them on their website as well... when they have more than one date to list, that is.


1) thanks; risk noted
2) thanks; risk noted.


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That picture would appear to be a 'backdrop' portrait taken as part of this fine day. Either that, or we've identified Amme's favourite power-suit.

- | -

She's trying to copy the photo used on the front of Sue Doughty's 'Annual Report', that's all.

- | -


Be fair, shalfordian... at appears to be a stock-standard backdrop portrait. I'm guessing every new Tory MP got one on the day. And I would guess they had no problems getting Amme to smile.


- | -

It all depends on which baby she last ate....

- | -

Yes, some of those foreign ones can repeat on you.

- | -

And there you have it. Pointless garbage at its best. Off the subject, but unlike other neutral observers, this dialogue is not deleted or even challenged.

Yet more double standards. Interestingly, when Tim goes a few days without being challenged, he seems less angry!!

- | -

Interestingly, this site of late has been shut down to neutral observers, open it seems to Liberal Democrats to exchange views for a few minutes each day. An attempt to restrict debate?

A lot of hypocrisy as usual on this site. Saying one thing and doing another. Tim it seems likes to have it both ways.

- | -

Or maybe you need an appointment to make yourself heard... been as the Tories that post on here seem to think that it's an acceptable method of representation. ;)

And despite how much you moan about this site being a waste of time... you still deem it significant enough to regularly post on it. :P

- | -

... and lie about its accessibility.

Comments were only open until midday yesterday, and you - being a proponent of free speech - should know why.

Comments were open all day on Friday... but no-one dropped by until the end of the day.

Comments are open to anyone, but only during the day, and when I am around. I have to set things up this way because of the way the 'neutral observers' have been abusing the open comments system... and because of the limitations of Blogger.com

Tell you what, if you like, you can instead push for around-the-clock access for members only. Of course, this would require you to identify yourself to the site-owner (me).

No? Didn't think so.

Anonymous duplicitous cowards.

- | -

Nimmo, who are you calling a Liberal Democrat?

If you continue in that vein, it'll be you and me behind the bicycle sheds...!

- | -

gasbill: You may want to re-phrase that. Different schools have different activities that the area behind the bike-sheds is notorious for.

Ours was used for loving, not for fighting.

(I grew up in the enlightened western suburbs of Sydney, so the place for fighting was tactfully described as being 'behind the wog-shop'.)

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