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Friday, June 10, 2005 

Milton makes local paper

At last!

After 4 weeks of trying (including the rather desperate measure of playing up the Julian Clary angle), Anne has finally made the local paper:

Surrey Advertiser - MP wades in over hospital beds row

Her contribution is short on inches, but high in spunk.


Another mention and a pic in Surrey Ad 17/06/05. Unfortunately the caption says Amme Milton. So from now on.... The item is about her presenting an Investors in People award. Read the local Conservative Party website and it announces that Anne Milton AWARDS Investors in People.
MPs can't award this, only the Investors in People organisation can. Get it right Milton!

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'Readmylips' is of course entirely right about the procedure of IIP awards, and good on him/her for picking it up.....but meanwhile let's speculate about precisely what "A m m e" could stand for (as a Freudian slip, or course) ? Could it perhaps be "Another Mindless Moron Emerges " ? Or equally: "A Matron Mother Expires" ?

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you guys are so funny.

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1. Is that a deeply personal attack, tomtom?

2. Amme's photographer needs a stepladder.

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No, not at all Tim, merely a passing comment. I personally prefer A m m e, to stand for And Mugabe Maintains Energy! Nuts! or perhaps Ashes Maintain May England!

- | -

(head in hands)

It WAS a personal attack, wasn't it? Why are people so CRUEL?

(looks up quickly to make sure everyone is watching)
(puts head back in hands)

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There there Tim, don't get upset.

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Maybe we could re-christen her "Cruella de Mille " ? ('mille' as in 'millefeuilles' puff pastry and 'mille excuses' as a French phrase for saying one has done Sod All in N years elected office)

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