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Friday, May 20, 2005 

All publicity is good publicity

Spotted in Today's Times (20 May 2005): Anne Milton, the new Tory MP for Guildford, has been subjected in Private Eye to unflattering comparisons with the camp comic Julian Clary. Imagine Milton's surprise when she opened her post yesterday to find a signed copy of Clary's book, A Young Man's Passage, complete with a charming message from the author. Whether she reads it is another matter.

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What on earth could she do with A Young Man's Passage ? (Second thoughts - don't ask....Guildford needed an MP, not an Enema !)

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With Matron, we get both.

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It seems Ms Milton graced parliament with her maiden speech yesterday. She complained about drunks taking over Guildford on Friday/Saturday nights.

We should also be complaining about drunks taking over Student Union bars on hustings night, eh Anne? ;)

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Full speech is here:


I don't have the stomach for it right now.

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I dont think I ever will have the stomach for it, but my fascination made me read it anyway.

Typical Tory in my opinion. Blindly opinionated with a strong overtone of negativity towards the younger generation.

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This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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Read and enjoy...

And Chris, you seem like a reasonable bloke....

Take it from me, the drunks take over Guildford on a Friday and Saturday night.

PS Drunks at a Student Union Bar are de rigeur.

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I have NEVER had a problem in Guildford town centre, and I have frequented it many times on a Friday and Saturday.

In regards to drunks at student bars - I have absolutely no problem with candidates trying to fit in, even if they do appear more lashed than the students. :)

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I really wished I'd been present when Ms Milton let her hair down at the hustings. Got any piccies?

The drunks at a weekend are a generation thing. I don't remember being threatened or gobbed at in town when I was a student (but then I might have been too inebriated to have noticed) but now some of the yobs can be very abusive (in an 'all mouth and trousers' way)

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Unfortunately I did not have a camera on the hustings evening. Which is probably a good thing, because I was enjoying the alcohol too.

However, if I was standing for election, I'd have probably watched my drink. ;)

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Over the years experience has taught me to always watch my drink. Take your eyes off it for one moment and its gone.

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(to Gasbill :- ) if you need to keep an eye on your drink, it's because it'll otherwise be nicked by Dipsick to accompany her snack of grilled kid; as she said in her Maiden Speech (an oxymoron if ever there was one !) she likes a quiet snack in a country pub over lunch, preferably involving the menu presence of one of the local children.

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