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Thursday, May 19, 2005 


1. I can offer a very special and exclusive prize (to anyone who's a fan of my photoshopping) for the first photo of Anne Milton - our loving Matron - with her lips wrapped around a smoking fag.

2. Word reaches me that Anne has a nickname other than 'Dipstick'. It has been reported than the name 'Princess Pushy' has been attributed to her since She With The VSM (very small margin) was seen edging her way to the front of subsequent photo-ops. Ah, yes... eye on the prize. Patsy likes that in an MP, yes she does.

3. I wonder when Anne's 'residence' will come back on the market? Perhaps it's on the market or even taken already. No sense in continuing to live in a one-bedroom flat with a husband and three kids at home, now is there?

4. This groundless, needlessly personal and clearly biased post is dedicated to the many supporters of Anne Milton who finally had to guts to speak up (after the election) but still have not answered any pending questions beyond "Ha-ha, you lost!" and/or "Anne is a really nice person, why can't you accept that?"

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She's been so tense - with all the stress of thinking she wasn't going to win (which she nearly didn't) - that who would begrudge her the classic Nurse's Narcotic - a full strength Players Capstan? I certainly wouldn't - I trust she can smoke a whole sailor's monthly allowance within a week ! I'm sure this would relieve her Inner Stress, and prevent her fingers from juddering (at present they do so, rather noticeably.)

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Guildford is a Tory town and until 2001, had been since 1906 or thereabouts.

Milton's small margin of victory has to be set against the fact that she was fighting an incumbent MP whose party machine had allocated significant resources to defending the seat (plus the LibDems are not burdened by the baggage of having been in Government since the early Twenties, so no one actually dislikes them) Mr Howard was unpopular with the larger part of the electorate, and the Government's chickens have not yet come home to roost.

The LibDem victory in 2001 is more likely than not to prove to be the high tide mark of LibDem/protest vote in this area. The 'vote tactically to keep the Tories out!' movement, so critical in 1997 and 2001, had already lost momentum by the time of the election in May and is likely to weaken even further. Ironically, when Gordon Brown finally takes over and gets Labour 'back on track', the drift from Labour will increase and from the LibDems will begin, when all the fairweather socialists/liberals start feeling pain in their pockets.

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