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Friday, May 27, 2005 

All publicity is good publicity II

Anne's first local press result! And yes folks, it's an overwhelming reaction to Anne's maiden speech.

Erm, actually it's not. Perhaps if she included the phrase "Webster's Dictionary describes Guildford as..." or a bit more information on the Norwegian Leather Industry, she would have got more coverage...

(Note - I've highlighted gems that are sure to have been lifted directly from a press release.)

icSurreyOnline - Councillor's lobbying skills in demand:

A well-known former borough councillor has been elected as an MP - but it is not her lobbying skills that are attracting attention. Anne Milton, voted in as Conservative MP for Guildford, has been singled out by Private Eye magazine as being a dead-ringer for TV comic Julian Clary.... The mother-of-four has taken the jokes in good spirit and admitted to being "moderately flattered" by the comparison... "I was amazed by it," she told the Surrey Mirror. "I think it's very amusing. People like George Bush get in Private Eye so I was moderately flattered."

Reigate borough councillor and friend John Lyndon Morgan said he was not surprised to hear that Mrs Milton was amused by the comparison. He added: "I didn't see the article myself but her reaction is just as I would have expected. Perhaps it's Julian Clary that looks like her and not the other way around. Anne is a super person and I hold her in high regard."


I just read her speech and am not too impressed... the people of Guildford ar too scared to go to A and E because of MRSA fears??? The fear that your campagin tried to instill in them...WTF

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A perfectly acceptable maiden speech, made in a formidable forum. What do you think it should have contained, given the nature and purpose of a maiden speech?

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An excellent maiden speech in my view

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Maiden speeched are meant to be uncontroversial and a bit boring, so she fitted like a glove. At least she didn't repeat the mistake of her Tory predecessor St Aubyn back in his 1997 maiden speech, when he claimed that "one is normally MP for Guildford for a very long time" !

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Yes, you have to laugh.

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I could have sworn that we were promised (publicly and privately) that Anne would be an *extra*ordinary MP, not an ordinary one. So far the only thing she's done to "really shake things up" is push her way to the front of two photo-shoots.

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