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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 

Princess Pushy in Parliament

Here are two highlights from Anne Milton's recent participation in a debate on local taxation...

Highlight No. 1

Anne Milton:

I have a list of all the taxes favoured by Liberal Democrats, who love taxes because they think that they keep people in their place. They are: VAT on new homes, stealth inheritance tax, speed camera tax, rubbish tax, plastic bag tax, parking taxes to shop, parking taxes on business, land tax, income tax at a new regional rate and a new local rate, hotel taxes, 4x4 taxes. I could go on...

Phil Woolas (Minister of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister):

Keep going.

Anne Milton:

I could, but the fact remains...

Ahahahahahahaha! I'm sorry, but I've read this a number of times now, and it still amuses me.

Highlight No. 2

Anne Milton:

I have campaigned yearly on the council tax increases in Guildford. I even took to the streets and marched from one end of my constituency to the other. It is a shame that people do not take to the streets more often.

Or in greater numbers, for that matter.

I present, for the enjoyment of participants and observers, a photo of Anne Milton's Great March Across Guildford:

Teh Long Walk To Justice

UPDATE - And here is another, where Amme can be clearly seen. Walking next to campaign director concerned citizen Grant Griffiths, by the looks of things:

Teh Long Walk To Justice

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Don't mock, Tim. Just remember Mao's "Long March". From little acorns...

By the way, which one is Ms Milton?

- | -

She's temporarily obscured by the bloke in the light jersey in the middle - there are other photos taken at the same time/place that show her very clearly (unless, of course, it was Julian Clary taking her place !)

- | -

I imagine the walk was a great opportinity to see the beautiful countryside near guildford and spot some great poster sites!!!!

Did she also say... "What is talked about less—not much has been said about this—is what happens to the money when we have got it. That is my problem with the Government. The burden of red tape, regulation, the extra services and the hoops that local councils have to jump through increases yearly."

Fair point to my mind!

"Councils have to provide more and more, and jump through all the hoops, but they are not receiving the funding that should come with it. Local government is without doubt enormously complex, but the increased burden of regulation, red tape and all the things that councils have to do means that it is getting unbearable."

As a Councillor, again a fair point, certainly very true!

Oh, i couldn't quite make it out...Did she mention Local Income Tax...that's always a good one!!

- | -

tomtom: I imagine the walk was a great opportinity to see the beautiful countryside near guildford and spot some great poster sites!!!!

I'd imagine so. You know, one thing I neglected to do was do a comparative count of posters. I wonder if there'd be any way to find out how many there were after the fact.

- | -

...and that reminds me. It is all very well encouraging people to 'get out on the streets more often', but when us ordinary folk do, we get arrested or have an ASBO slapped on us.

- | -

It would be interesting to know exactly how many sites there were. It certainly seemed to be a keen battle.

Gasbill, i don't think thats strictly fair!

- | -

for once I agree with GasBill - if we "all took to the streets more often" - as Dipstick suggests - especially round unruly places in Guildford like Bushy Hill Drive or Dean Close in Merrow, we would find ASBOs a-plenty round our necks.

I myself missed a trick with the Milton March - I should have phoned the Cranleigh police helpline with a message that a dozen Travellers were prospecting likely caravan sites on foot. That would have been interesting......

- | -

I love that when I take to the streets, Miltonites like Mandy Worrall think that I should have my collar felt.

But... there it is, straight from the horses mouth and in black and white and all that.

We must take to the streets, and we must do it more often.

So... what shall we protest about first?

I suggest a poster campaign and the riding of Banthas in single file (to hide our numbers).

- | -

At least Anne keeps her march LOCAL.

I believe her adversary, with her P45 in hand swaned off to Edinburgh on the G8 March for a cosmetic photoshoot shedding crocodile tears for the starving in Africa. Still, when you live in comfort of a South Guildford Village away from the issues that affect everyday people, you can afford to devote more time to dousing ones guilt.

- | -

Leanord Nimmo: Thanks for proving (yet again) that you're a complete and utter moron.

What, nothing to say about Amme's appearance in parliament, or the mysterious appearance of Grant Griffiths?

No, I didn't think so.

Instead, you've praised Amme for keeping her protest 'LOCAL' (when she clearly isn't one) and then slagged off people who *do* live in this constituency.

I repeat: moron.

Do they pay you for this?

- | -

There appears a curious life form in Bramley, hypocritical to the core. Unlike Lambethlad and Chris Ward, self confessed Lib Dem Klingons, this form seeks to criticise the location of others and comment on political issues affecting ordinary people whilst living in the comfort of Bramley (relatively free of the social ills he supposedly cares so much about). Anne Milton may be relatively new to Guildford, but she chose to live among the rest of us.

- | -

well, as regards Milton REALLY living in Guildford, one does wonder how the husband, four uni/school-age kids, (probable)large dog, and gerbil family would all fit in to that one-bedroom maisonette that she declares as her Guildford residence in the Electoral Register (which by chance I have to hand, so let none query this). Anyway, with a wafer-thin majority of less than 400, she'd be a fool to up family sticks and move them all to Guildford as a long term committment, and one imagines her husband has quite rightly told her so.

I note she didn't move to lively Guildford places like Dean's Close in Bushy Hill Drive - she would certainly have met some social inclusivity there ! Also the odd ASBO on her doorstep breaking the milk bottles or her bottles of blood-bank deliveries, whatever is her morning tipple.

- | -

Deans Close in Bushy Hill Drive. No such place. You mean Dene Close. Also - Have you been there recently. I dont think it's as unruly as you would like to make out.

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