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Monday, July 25, 2005 

Surgery details

This is how Anne Milton keeps the public informedIf you take a look at the now-infamous March 2005 pamphlet (Ref: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) you'll notice something rather odd.

In it, Mike Nevins, Christine Stacey, Dennis Paul, Cyril Bailey, Andrew Povey, Tony Rooth, Waqas Ahmad, Nick Brougham and Maurice Byham all make the same promise: "To hold surgeries in your area and keep you informed regularly."

But Anne doesn't make this promise herself.

This is especially curious as - since her selection - Anne had been holding pseudo-surgeries with the help of such people as Councillor Andrew Hodges and neighbouring MP Sir Paul Beresford. These were mostly held in the cafe of the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. Many were advertised in the Surrey Ad and the link above is an advance-notice post on the guildfordconservatives.com website (you might want to remember that bit for later). The presence of an actual elected official was required so someone could actually follow up the casework. I've heard that a successful complaint was made to the Speaker about Beresford being in breach of parliamentary etiquette as a result, but this post isn't about pseudo-surgeries from Anne's time play-acting as our MP; it's about actual surgeries during Anne's time 'acting' as our actual MP.

There have been some, but you can't be blamed for missing them, because the details appear to have been posted on the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard!"

In Sue Doughty's time as our MP, I got used to seeing surgery and contact details posted on Parish Council noticeboards and on the public noticeboards in our local public libraries.

But since Anne Milton became our MP, there have been no such details posted at any of these locations.

Now, to be fair, this isn't something that MPs have to do, it's just a useful service they can provide for constituents if they so wish.

They also don't have to publish details of upcoming surgeries on their website... but many do, and the first thing Tom Watson and Boris Johnson asked for was a page that addressed this.

In Anne's case, the best I could find online was the following list of surgery dates posted to cranleighvillage.net

Surgeries are arranged by appointment through Anne Milton's office in Guildford. To book an appointment at one of Annes surgeries please call 01483 300330 or email anne@annemilton.com Anne's next Surgeries are: 8th July - Bramley Village Hall, Hall Road, Bramley. - (17.15 - 19.00) 15th July - Guildford Conservative Association, 15 London Road, Guildford. GU1 2AA (09.00 - 11.00) 22nd July - Guildford Borough Council Offices, Meillmead - (16.00 - 18.00)

There was also this at guildford.gov.uk:

Anne Milton holds surgeries regularly in Guildford. To book an appointment to see Anne at one of her surgeries please call 01483 300330.

Please note that both detail the need for an appointment. Again, to be fair, there is nothing in the rules that requires MPs to conduct walk-in surgeries or allow for walk-in approaches... but it needs to be noted that Anne held a walk-in policy before the election, and now appears to hold an appointment-only policy.

It also needs to be noted that there is no mention whatsoever of current/future surgery details, how to get them or how to make an appointment at annemilton.com or guildfordconservatives.com (which are one and the same site). There's no mention of surgeries on the upcoming events page; there is no invitation to make an enquiry or appointment on the 'contact us' page. The only mention of any surgery on this website is the aforementioned pseudo-surgery (screengrab here). The pseudo-surgery where they state that "No appointment is necessary."

And Anne Milton certainly didn't go so far as the advertise the most recent dates in the local newspaper. As she did before the election.

Didn't Anne campaign on a platform of listening and acting? Didn't she and her cohorts insist time and again that she would make an extraordinary MP (as opposed to ordinary one) and would - at the very least - bring great enthusiasm to the job?

I'm not seeing a lot of enthusiasm here. All I see is constituents being kept in the dark and/or at arm's length.

(FYI, Anne is away on a well-earned holiday at the moment, but the next surgery is scheduled for the 12th of August at Sutherland Memorial Hall. Currently there are no further surgery dates available.)


Hmm, captain, we appear to have left the dreary repetitive string of dialogue from the previous exchange, to a new frontier - That of access to surgeries.

Tim fails to recognise the different security risks to those who seek election and those who are actually elected. A case in point was the attack on a Lib Dem MP some years ago by a constituent at a surgery.

Tim appears to make a party political point when in fact security was a concern that had widespread consensus across the political divide when the sorry incident occured some time ago.

I presume Anne Milton MP holds surgeries by appointment due to the fact she is a prominent high profile MP.

As far as accessibility is concerned, I haven't seen Parish Notice boards, but I would point out that it wouldn't be the first time that Lib Dem thugs have ripped them down.

Finally, as a neutral observer I saw for myself the aggression and anger shown by Lib Dem fanatics at Anne Milton and Michael Howards election visit to Guildford High Street. The threat from unstable, angry men of the likes I saw that day, seems to justify the need for tighter security by way of appointments.

THe Liberals may take a slacker attitude to security. If they do, I presume it is due to the fact that they will never form a Government.

- | -

Hmmm. Judging by the 'unstable/angry' passage (a line that normally comes direct from Milton's office), I would guess that I'm speaking to Grant or Mike. (And if it's Grant, do I have to remind you of who shoved who on that day?)

Unless I take you at your word that you're a neutral observer... in which case, I need to ask; how is Charles?

As to the 'points' you raise, they point all over the place. Try to make one solid point without an army of straw men and I'll see what I can do.... but not before you withdraw or prove your claim that I'm a member of the Liberal Democrats.

- | -

LibDem thugs???

None of the LibDems I have known could punch the skin off a rice pudding.

A bit of hyperbole there, I think, nimmo.

Tim, I think you are a bit off target this time.

- | -

While we're waiting for Nimmo to prove his repeated claims and suggestions that I'm a Lib Dem, I'd like to point out the absurdity of what appears to his core argument here...

Nimmo, the incident you refer to occurred in 2000, but this did not stop many other MPs (including Sue Doughty) from announcing surgery dates and locations ahead of time.

But you seem to be suggesting the possibility of a 'Dead Zone' type scenario whereby an unbalanced member of the public will target Anne purely because - as a Conservative MP - she holds a much greater chance of being PM one day.

And as for your ever-so-subtle suggestion (made as such, no doubt, with an eye to the law in this country) that people who may or may not be connected to this website are most likely to be responsible for such an act of violence, I can tell you for a fact that the only thing I ever hit Anne Milton with is difficult questions... which brings us back to why she really seems wary of having too many of her constituents know about surgery dates ahead of time.

If security really is the issue, you'd best get onto cranleighvillage.net and advise them not to publish this information in future. You'll also want to hope that the many, many terrorist cells lining up to target Anne never draw together the wit and will to simply call her office and make an appointment.

- | -

I see nimmo is slipping up more and more as the posts go on.

Quite a lot of "inside conservative information" for somebody that claims to not be involved with the Tories, isn't it nimmo?

Plus... Anne Milton a high-profile MP? I suppose if you count the fact she's the only Tory wearing red at PMQs making her noticed.

- | -

Tim: '....this did not stop many other MPs (including Sue Doughty) from announcing surgery dates and locations ahead of time.'

I refer you to....

Sue Doughty Annual Report 2002/03:
"If you need to see Sue in person you can make an APPOINTMENT by calling her office on 01483 306000"

Sue Doughty Annual Report 2003/04:
"If you need to see Sue in person you can make an APPOINTMENT by calling her office on 01483 306000"

(Of course don't bother trying now because Sue isnt the MP anymore, after losing to Anne Milton MP!)

Autumn 2004 newsletter, Winter 2004 newsletter, Spring 2003 newsletter, summer 2004 newsletter....guess what they say???

Looks like pretty standard stuff this appointment lark...but then obviously Tim knows best and is not solely driven by being a little bit upset that Anne won!! Bless!

- | -

tomtom: Don't get too excited. The main point I raise is that these surgeries were *publicised*... and Anne Milton's are not.

The appoinment issue was only raised because Milton has changed her policy since winning.

Nice try, though. I particularly like the "Ha-ha, Sue lost!" touch.

And - yet again - no-one has seen fit to challenge the more serious charge of Anne posing/play-acting as an MP.

- | -

I saw the charged and aggressive behaviour of Lib Dems at the election visit of Michael Howard and felt for the young children with families passing by, who were clearly upset by their behaviour.

Some disturbed individuals appeared to have an obsessive vendetta towards Anne Milton MP that appeared wholly unnecessary.

It's a shame that such events now necessitate the tight security we are all accustomed to these days. Thin end of the terror wedge, incomparable to recent events, but nevertheless a common thread exists.

- | -

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Now you're just taking the piss.

- | -

I felt for those little ones that day. Scenes I hope are never repeated in Guildford! It's luck there was no one disabled around who could have got caught up in the fracas.

I've had leaflets through my door that disproves your point. I presume if the Tories are putting it out across the rest of Borough, then your point will be disproved.

I suppose we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, stop digging!!

- | -

voice mail - Perhaps you've received something through your door and I haven't because you're a 'friendly' and I am not... but isn't Anne supposed to represent us all?

No matter. The fact remains that Sue Doughty went to a lot of effort to publicise her surgeries when she was an MP.

As did Anne Milton - but only when she was play-acting as our MP.

- | -

Here, Captain, some Lib Dem vegetative life form is stirring. It appears they are partaking in some medieval ritual order called a 'witch hunt' or 'outing'.

I guess if they trawl through the phone book, they will eventually find someone (if they haven't already)!

Ironic though that they oppose National I.D. Cards but seem obcessed in finding the identity of the their male blogger (or female! x). It just shows yet more hipocrisy from the Lib Dem ranks.

Far more interested in names and tittle tattle, than the substance of debate.

- | -

OK folks, let's allow the anonymous, duplicitous liar to remain anonymous.

Now, Nimrod, perhaps you would care to address the substance of the debate by proving your claim that I'm a Lib-Dem.

No? Didn't think so.

- | -

Perhaps Anne can take a few lessons from her constituency neighbour MP in Surrey South West. Tim is right to point out that there's not a lot of effort visible from Anne so far, but of course her record of action is what she will be judged on. The same goes for our shiny new Tory MP Jeremy, a nice chap, and one can't help but admire his idea of new style surgeries: http://www.localconservatives.org/:

"New Haslemere MP Jeremy Hunt holds surgery in Lion Green Tescos.
A new innovation is to experiment by running surgeries in more accessible places such as supermarkets, the first of which is taking place between 9-11am Saturday 25th June at the Lion Green Tesco’s store.
Jeremy will be holding a surgery at Tesco’s once a month on a Saturday morning at the Tesco’s store.

He's obviously not worried about security. Both Jeremy and Anne - in the maiden speeches -have pledged to save our local hospitals (Cranleigh & Milford), and we continue to hold our breadth as the PCT closes in on them ...

- | -

Each to their own Patrick.

Perhaps Jeremy hasn't been stalked by a disturbed, unbalanced angry man with a vendetta that defies all logic!!

Captain... truth, the final frontier is on the horizon. Sadly, Chris's arse is obscuring the view...

- | -

So she's a "prominent high-profile MP", to quote Nimmo ? You could have fooled me ! Her appearances in the Surrey Ad are as rare as hens' teeth, whereas her predecessor was in nearly every week, as is the current Tory MP for SW Surrey (who incidentally seems to be doing quite a good job and who certainly does his casework). Like it or loathe it, the Surrey Ad expects to publish at least one photo per week of the Mayor (of either Party) doing his/her bit, and one of the MP doing ditto (this also includes the Guildford Times freesheet.)

We hear that when she was a Reigate councillor her public appearances were rare, though she always drew all her allowances. Times don't change, do they ?

Changing topics, I'm not aware of "Lib Dem thugs ripping notices off Parish notice boards", as Nimmo alleges; perhaps he should produce some evidence before making such assertions. I would confess, though, to us putting up a "Vote Dipstick" poster (from this blogsite) in Bramley, which got torn down rather quickly by some sensitive Tory soul whom it must have wounded to the core.

- | -


1. It's nice to see the 'angry/unbalanced/stalker' line given an airing again. Hitherto, it has only been wheeled out when I've hit on something that really worries Anne Milton's office - like her use of racist pamphlets in impoverished areas and her renting of a one-bedroom flat so she could be seen to be 'living' in the constituency. That you would associate it with terrorism in an earlier comment makes my comparison with the technique of the Blair government to absolve themselves of any wrong by pointing a finger in the same direction that much easier.

2. It's also nice to see that you're now wary enough of being tracked down via your IP address and ISP to make less-than-direct accusations of this kind.

3. Please stand by for an important announcement.

- | -


Trolls get ignored or moderated. It's a universal rule of online communities.

'Leanord Nimmo' always seeks to divert attention away from the central point with a dazzling array of straw men, the majority of which are so deliberately disingenuous they seem designed to insult or goad myself or Lib-Dems (and, often in the same breath, to associate myself with those same Lib-Dems).

He also never responds directly when challenged on any 'point' he raises... or even when challenged on an outright lie.

The general behaviour and content of his posts might suggest that he is an attack dog working on behalf of Anne Milton or perhaps out of a blind love for the Tory party... but it is equally likely given all of the above that he is merely a troll (or 'troller', if you prefer) out to cause trouble for reasons that are his own.

As we have no idea who Leanord Nimmo is (and he refuses to acknowledge an association with Anne Milton or the Conservative Party), we must operate on the assumption that he is a troll.

Trolls get ignored or moderated.

And that's what's just what's going to happen to 'Leanord Nimmo' from this point on. If his comments are not deleted, they will simply be followed by a link to this comment.

(If this ruling is made against anyone else seeking to disrupt debate rather than contribute to it, a similar announcement will be made and clear reasons will be given. For the record, 'Leanord Nimmo' is the first person to appear on this website who is so intent on disruption that he has warranted moderation. He should be proud of the effectiveness of his poker face.)


- | -

....and there we have it....'Tim' not liking Nimmo suggeting he's a Lib Dem (because of the really rather awful connotations) Silences poor Nimmo. Bless.

- | -

As a self-confessed Lib Dem I am all in favour of free speech, but Nimmo does seem to believe in polemic rather than genuine debate, and (as Tim says) I have never seen him actually answer a point made in reply to his allegations. And all sites do need to have an ultimate "moderator" function built-in. So, on balance, I agree with Tim's action.

Can I also please reassure all other bloggers in all good faith that, according to the records of the Guildford Lib Dem Branch at least (which includes Bramley and Cranleigh), Tim is not (and never has been) a Party member (whereas I - I admit - am.) I really don't know where Nimmo dragged that one up from, but it is a complete falsehood (do I get a prize from the moderator for avoiding unparliamentary language ?)

- | -

Did you *read* the above comment, tomtom? Yes, I suspect you did, but you're busy with your own diversionary tactics.

Nimmo wrongfully claimed party-political bias on my part, couldn't prove it, refused to address any challenge to this claim, yet kept on suggesting it. Yet all the while, he was allowed to make comments anonymously... when he (like you) could have been guilty of party-political bias himself.

Sadly, we will never know, as you both insist on remaining anonymous, you both claim to be impartial observers, and yet you both make repeated attempts to suggest impropriety on my part and yet fail to address or acknowledge any wrong-doing by Anne Milton.

Anybody is welcome to disagree or debate here... but what Nimmo clearly sought to do time and again was to disrupt/subvert any debate or call into question the reputation of those who disagreed with his general (or alleged) point of view - that Anne Milton can do no wrong.

This is what led to the decision to moderate or ignore. I would hope that you're paying attention... especially with your subtle yet continued suggestion via the use of 'Tim' that suggests I am being less than honest about my own identity, when you won't even reveal yours.

- | -

I'd have thought most arses of the electorate would be obscuring Tory view, considering how often they need to crawl up them to gain votes. ;)

- | -

Just to demonstrate that even we Lib Dems can be politically objective, I can only praise Jeremy Hunt for having taken a firm grip on SW Surrey (including open surgeries) and carrying out some effective casework well reported in the Surrey Advertiser Godalming edition. This is what a new MP should be doing. Milton is a notable contrast.

(I should declare an interest here: a year ago I was acting as Lib Dem "teller" during a long afternoon outside Cranleigh Park Mead polling station at a council by-election, and Jeremy Hunt was the Tory "teller". The custom is that tellers are friendly to each other, and chat when it's quiet. I got to know Jeremy quite well, and he genuinely is a nice person and a hard worker. In contrast, I have personally witnessed Milton at other by-election occasions, and she is neither.)

Just for the record, Sue Doughty also carried out 'open' surgeries at the Elm Tree pub for the Guildford gay community, but the general practice amongst MPs of all Parties is to use an appointments system as this is the most efficient use of time (constituents don't like to be kept waiting !) But constituents DO expect their MP to publicise their surgeries, and most accept the need to make an appointment first. Strikes me that Milton is taking a 'minimalist' approach to this particular duty, while Jeremy Hunt is taking a 'maximalist' one. Good on him for doing so.

- | -

lambethlad: How typical of a Lib-Dem to cynically pay lip-service to objectivity!


Yes, it is the publicising of availability, not the use of appointments that is the real issue here (I'm sure I don't need to repeat why appointments were mentioned).

I'd love to hear from voice-mail about the literature he claims to have received and perhaps find out why he received such a thing and I didn't.

Were it the case that these details were provided to Tory members and/or supporters, but not the general public - even in simple poster form as opposed to a mail shot - then this would be a clear-cut case of preferential treatment. (In her victory speech, she pledged to serve "all members of the community", though I realise a 'some more than others' quantifier may apply here.)

Were it the case.

Sadly, voice-mail doesn't seem to want to say anything else on the matter.

Voice-mail? Would you care to tell us more? Or would you perhaps prefer to continue exploring the terrorist connection?

- | -

What a sad day for Nimmo. It's a shame he's been gagged when other 'handle names' like Lambethlad; TomTom; Patsy; Gasbill have all had a say.

It appears the Lib Dems are gagging debate and deciding what debate they will allow. Very illiberal thing to do Tim, but then, as you say your not a 'Liberal'. Perhaps 'authoritarian' is not too strong to get a gagging order!

Your site has by your own admission been biased (also Chris's words), and led a very personalised set of attacks on Anne Milton MP. How you can justify gagging poor Nimmo (however naughty s/he's been) puzzles, and probably most other bloggers.

- | -

Voice-mail? Would you care to tell us more?

No, I didn't think so. Yet more diversion.

- | -

voice-mail said...It appears the Lib Dems are gagging debate and deciding what debate they will allow.

1. I'm not a Lib-Dem.
2. This claim of yours is nonsense and any sane/reasonable person will know it.

Now, if it's debate you're wanting, then let's get back to the subject of this post and your claim that you've received surgery details through your letterbox. Would you care to provide a scan of the item?

- | -

No, I didn't think so.

- | -

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

- | -

Nothing received through letterboxes here about MP surgeries, much as Shalford is mainly Tory with some sharply Labour enclaves and Lib Dems in the middle. But I don't doubt that Tory supporters elsewhere will have been hand-picked as Milton's surgery constituents. (The old USSR used to do this by area too, and the lucky recipients were known as "Potemkin Villages" - no reference to Battleship Potemkin, but to the original Count of hat name who used to erect fake village frontages to assure Tsarina Catherine the Great that she was meeting Real People in her rural trips throughout her constituency (God, doesn't this sound just like Milton !) And there was I, drawing for once on my (non-political) knowledge of Russia and its language and folklore..... da svidanya vam i smiert Miltonistom !

- | -

Note - Kirk is Nimmo. Same IP. That is all.

- | -

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

- | -

Nice one McCoy, its amazing what you can do with a mobile, Coffee and Internet Cafe.

Tim, am I banned yet, as it's a shame you do not appear strong enough in your convictions to engage in debate unless it is on your terms.

Lets be frank, until a few students got wind of this site, it was dying a death a few days ago. But one question, are you really not a member of the Liberal Democrats.

Nice dishing it out, but a different story taking it back.

- | -

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

- | -

I love the holidays, free time to book appointments with our prominent MP Anne Milton. Anyone who wants one can book one really, just call 01483 300330. It's simple really.

If Tim has any conviction on this issue, he will allow this Blog Post to remain so people can get in touch. After all, he is concerned that the public access to our prominent MP.

The more he talks about her, the more prominent she becomes. If I were MP, I'd love all this publicity!!!

PS: Are you really not a member of the Liberal Democrats. Nice one McCoy, glad to have you on board.

- | -


1. Attempt to disrupt and divert the debate repeatedly as Nimmo has done, and you will be moderated in the same way.

2. ...are you really not a member of the Liberal Democrats?

No, I am not. Really.

3. It's called staying on-topic. Also a standard rule in online communities when a post is made and comments are invited. Comments should stay on-topic where possible. This is my site and I request that people try to follow this rule. If they continually go off on tangents and it appears that they are doing so in an attempt to restrict the free speech of others (or other people's unfettered access to an open and honest debate) then... *plonk*

If you want a post on the subject of bias, memberships, profiles, names, etc. so everybody can have their say, then you have but to ask. But I'm unlikely to comply with such a request from your good self until after we address this topic.

I repeat... let's get back to the subject of this post and your claim that you've received surgery details through your letterbox. Would you care to provide a scan of the item?

- | -

voice-mail - If Tim has any conviction on this issue, he will allow this Blog Post to remain so people can get in touch. After all, he is concerned that the public access to our prominent MP.

What, like I've allowed every other post to stay in place? Most certainly. And the number to call was presented in the post from the word 'go'.

Now, does this offer of yours to accept my help extend to me putting posters in libraries on your behalf?

- | -

PS - Topic. Scan. Item. When you're ready.

- | -

No, I didn't think so.

- | -

Well, that certainly killed the conversation...

Chris, you coming out for a beer??

- | -


This is one mad log exchange. Your simply putting people off by this display or playing into Tory hands by branding their neutral or soft support.

I have a copy of a newsletter that Voice Mail refers to. He pointed out at the outset of this exchange that Security reasons may explain why open surgeries do not appear to be happening in Guildford. What other MP's do is their business.

Your interest in peoples identities is itself a distraction from the debate - attempting to cloud judjement with personalities than address the debate.

As for Voicemail sending you scans...who do you think you are? He pointed out that if you wait a week or two, then presumeably the street trotters will get round to delivering in your area.

I hope that it doesn't take 40 bloggs in future to conclude this futile debate. So let me put your mind to rest....I got a leaflet too! Not golden I'm afraid, and it didn't come in a Wonka Bar!! But it clearly states:

"Getting in touch with Anne Milton. Anne has an office in the House of Commons to help YOU with any problems. To get in touch with Anne for help: Telephone 0207 2198392 or email: miltona@parliament.uk. To see Anne at her regular surgeries, contact her office in Guildford on 01483 300330"

I hope this concludes this tired debate. I'd like you to respect my right to anonimity please. If you can't accept that, then delete my Blog - it will demonstrate how committed you are to free speech.


- | -

Oh dear, Suzanne... I could *never* delete this comment. In fact, I'm considering having it laminated.

Now, this pamphlet you received. Can you please tell me more about it? When did it arrive? What else did it address? Who was it aimed at and/or sent to?

I know these are a lot of questions to deal with; this is why a scan would be so useful.

Oh, I'm, terribly sorry – how rude of me... I neglected to answer your question.

Who am I?

I'm the guy who made a point that voice-mail - an anonymous contributor - claimed to have disproved with an unsubstantiated claim.

An even better reason for me to see a scan.

Of course I don't have to see the scan - but without it, his claims - and yours - look pretty empty.

PS - A copy of this pamphlet arriving on my doorstep tomorrow would prove nothing except incompetence - as all surgery dates you claim it lists are in the past.

When did it arrive? What else did it address? Who was it aimed at and/or sent to?

- | -

Beer sounds good right about now. ;)

Funny how a post that tells everybody to stop spouting opinion accuses us of restricting free speech...

Suzanne, I may add that I met Ms Milton under rather nice circumstances and we got on rather well. At the time I was concered about racial hatred, particularly with literature the BNP were circulating. I believed that this could put our international community at UniS at risk. Anne Milton seemed to agree with me, she seemed quite adamant that the type of thing was deplorable.

When I joined the Lib Dems, even then I did not have a dislike for Ms Milton, obviously we were on opposite sides of the campaign battlefield, but that's no reason for a personal dislike.

I dislike her because she refused to disown certain literature that was circulated around Park Barn. It contradicted everything she said to me, and made me understand she was fighting for something different.

That is why I post on this blog, and that is why I have no problem with people knowing who I am. I am not suggesting that anonymity is a bad thing, I'm simply suggesting that perhaps many users = one IP address, as proven by Tim earlier.

We have a right to put forward our comments, as do you. Your post hasn't been deleted, so please do us a favour and respect our right to freedom of speech as well.

Thank you.

- | -

Well said, Chris.

And I find it interesting that every time I ask an anonymous Miltonite to put up or shut up.. they fail to put up. Then, sadly, they usually fail to shut up.

- | -

Yaawn! I'm sure you will get your leaflet at some point soon like the rest of us. Yaawn. Your initial blog topic is looking very old hat, by next week it will be a footnote.

I'm dissapointed for old Nimmo. A plucky friend who took on the Blog establishment and was gagged.

Fair enough, he got out of his pram - a Lib Dem yellow card would have done, but a socialist Red? No one would have questioned your left leanings Tim had you dished out a yellow, but Red was a bit harsh.

I think Nimmo deserves a reprieve, so long as he (I think) behaves himself.

- | -

Chris, ....proven what?

"Smell the coffee"!! I prefer Cafe Hague!!

If you saw the deleted bloggs before Tim took them out, you'd realise the Lib Dem ranks have a mole.

Singing like a canary... or perhaps cheeping like a demented budgie!!

Powell's net is closing in...it's only a matter of time...

- | -

Bloody hell, voice-mail... you chance gear faster than a Formula One racing driver with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Anything to avoid mentioning that pamphlet that *you* brought up, that you claimed disproved my point.

Are you really sure I'm not allowed to see it?

- | -

Surely there's a simple solution to the Tory leaflet issue:
> google to www.annemilton.com
> click on "accessible version" (left hand side of main webpage)
> click on "Recent Newsletters"
> scroll down past all the election literature and all the recent and current leaflets are listed by ward, starting with Burpham and Bramley and ending with Shalford and Worplesdon (Curiously there is none for Cranleigh. Odd. Wonder why ? )Each leaflet downloads on-screen using Acrobat in the usual way.

Some ward leaflets briefly mention surgeries ("call 300330" etc) and others make no mention at all, which again is odd and inconsistent. It also contrasts strongly with the much higher profile given to her 'pseudo surgeries' before her election.

Hope this generates more light than heat on the issue and on the site !

- | -

I have to congratulate Suzanne on her post - one of teh most reasoned, rational and non-biased contributions i've ever read on this ridiculously funny site.

She quite rightly points out that Anne has circulated a leaflet to local residents, (i've received one)which says very clearly:
"Getting in touch with Anne Milton. Anne has an office in the House of Commons to help YOU with any problems. To get in touch with Anne for help: Telephone 0207 2198392 or email: miltona@parliament.uk. To see Anne at her regular surgeries, contact her office in Guildford on 01483 300330"

Whats the big cover up 'Tim'. From the limited amount of research I can be bothered to do, it's on her website, it's even on her website.

'Tim' has to be one of the most amusing people i've ever had the pleasure of, to conclude in everything that there is something sinister about the actions of our new local MP (the one who unfortunately and sadly for 'Tim' beat the incumbent LibDem').

So we've established appointments as normal practice.
We've established there's no conspiracy by our new local MP Anne Milton to hide surgeries from anyone....just rather sadly another obsessive and upsetting rant by 'Tim'.
There are people who can help 'Tim', you needn't be all alone. It's ok. Don't be so upset and angry. It's really ok.

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Where exactly on the website is it, tomtom?

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recent newsletters. I assume it is on everything post May 2005 (when Anne Milton MP beat the incumbent Lib Dem). I only looked at the Bramley one and it was on there!!

Try not to be so angry Tim, it's not good for blood pressure and that can place a real strain on your heart.

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Buried in PDF files. No dates listed. Sorry, that's not very convincing.

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Get a grip 'Tim'.

1, Neither the previous MP or Anne Milton are running 'open sugeries' - but by appointment. (contrary to original claim/post.

2, Neither the previous MP or Anne Milton are promoting the dates for their surgeries in advance, other than 'call this number'. See previous MP's 2003/2004/2005 Annual report (apart from Anne so it would seem who has done this in some ways through the cranleigh village website)

3, There isn't any grand conspiracy - see posts about surgery details and leaflets being circulated and in public domain - not targeted at certain people (contrary to suggestions).

My suggestion 'Tim' would be re-read Suzanne's post, at least once perhaps twice. Sit, have a coffee, and a smoke, if you smoke, and think about it. Then get a grip. And stop coming across as such an obsessive. It's really sad, and upsetting.

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*Hands tomtom a tissue*

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1. Anne held a walk-in policy before the election, and now appears to hold an appointment-only policy.

2. In Sue Doughty's time as our MP, I got used to seeing surgery and contact details posted on Parish Council noticeboards and on the public noticeboards in our local public libraries.

3. A fresh post is on its way

4. It's painfully obvious to even the most casual of readers that you're deliberately trying to goad me.... and you're undermining your credibility in the process.

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*passes the tissue from Chris to 'Tim'*

Chris..maybe you'd like to give 'Tim' a cuddle too.

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This is the longest blog string I think I've seen on this site - over semantics that frankly is a non issue.

If you want to get in touch with Anne, there is every opportunity to do so. We've concluded that there are disagreements over which forms it should take and whether it has happened yet - so what - the public can settle the matter of whether they got leaflets or other .

Again, I repeat, appointment arrangements pre and post election is different due to the fact that Anne Milton is our MP, and like many other MP's (though not all - that is their choice) appears to be taking sensible security precautions.

This Parrot is definitely dead Tim. I won't goad you, as we could be here for another 40 bloggs.

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Please see latest post.

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PS - This is a 'comment' not a 'blogg'. The original entry is known as a 'post' (though sometimes it can be refrred to as a 'blog', 'blog entry' or 'bloggage').

Generally, a 'post' is made on a 'blog' where a number of similar 'posts' are held. People can then post 'comments' to the original 'post'

'Blogg' or 'bloggs' don't even come into it - but I find it very interesting that you and Suzamme make this same - and quite uncommon - spoiling aura.

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My my... hasn't it gone quiet?

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