Draw Your Own Colouring Book

Draw Your Own Colouring BookI’m delighted to announce the launch of the most relaxing adult colouring book ever to hit the market.

Unlike other colouring books for adults, the original Draw Your Own Colouring Book invites you to fully express your creativity by first drawing your own images before colouring them in.

That’s twice the fun of a normal colouring book, and twice the relaxation, all for the same low, low price, with well over 50 stunning pages of utterly blank space for you to express yourself.

Buy it now from: Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)

Even more exciting, every owner of this book is invited to scan and email their finished drawing and colouring creations to bloggerheads DOT com AT gmail DOT com for a chance to be part of an upcoming project: an already-completed colouring book for sale to doctors, dentists, and anyone else with a waiting room.

Each book come complete with a title page, a complete set of instructions, and a touching dedication to publishing guru ‘Michael Green’.

If you want to enjoy twice as much meditation time, if you want to appreciate a true moment of zen by overcoming your attachment to ready-made drawings, then this is the book for you.

If you want to give your semi-loved ones a gift that requires very little thought or imagination, but you want to offset your laziness by being deliberately ironic about it, then you are mere minutes away from finishing your Christmas shopping!

Buy it now from: Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)

In honour of the book’s theme, a book launch has been planned where no-one will be invited to a location that will never be announced.


  1. JayBe says

    I daresay you can count on Mr Green to attend the launch shindig. It's not as if he's too busy or anything.

  2. t3kk says

    Thanks For The Post :)

  3. Jtafte says

    Haha, enjoyed this. If only I had read it before Christmas. Damn it!!

  4. Rauno says

    You should show some actual inside pages. I won't buy without a better idea what's inside.

  5. SEO Agency says

    Will definitely be checking that colouring book out!

  6. Amy Funchess says

    Hahaha! Blank Colouring book?! Great gag gift this Xmas!


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