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Friday, April 29, 2005 

About face

Guido got in first and the 'news' followed here. Now Private Eye (Issue 1131) gets in on the act:


This is a bit of a potential slur on Julian, who has never told untruths in public nor postured for election in an unprincipled way. Also women tell me that he has a much better facial bone structure. Also, he's far funnier and much more charismatic.

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I would seriously take issue with the claim that Julian Clary is funnier than Milton. Clary has scraped a whole career together from a small stock of predictable and lame doubles entendres, that were perhaps mildly amusing in an earlier time, when the term "sex" was never heard on telly.

Tim's account of Anne Milton's campaign, however, regularly has me cracking a smile. Ooops, hello sailer!

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