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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

Oh, the towering feeling...

I call upon you to witness the latest pamphlet from Anne Milton, which clearly shows how very, very local she is (you can see the original pamphlet in PDF format here).

Why, all it takes is a glance to tell you that the other leading candidates are Outsiders:

Anne is no stranger to Surrey... and no stranger to hardship, either.

A reader pointed me in the direction of the property listed as her official place of residence on her application form. It's a one-bedroom flat in the north-east of Guildford.

That's one bedroom, folks. One bedroom to service Anne, her husband Graham, and the four griglets; Charles, David, Nicola and Andrew.

Now, Charles is 20 and studying, so he may not be staying there... but that's still two adults and three children under 18 getting by in one small flat.

It's a good thing that young Andrew is so fond of his Gameboy, as there's no back yard to speak of and a bulky Playstation and/or television would eat up valuable space required for the camp stove (that they no doubt huddle around for warmth as they heat their last can of cut-price beans).

Take a look at the sacrifices Anne Milton is prepared to make for you, people of Guildford. And never forget that she is very local.

Hell, if she used the technique above to show how un-local I am, she would need a much, much bigger map. True, I've lived here for 7 years and even own a hamster that has lived in Guildford longer than she has, but he and I have the luxury of a much larger living space.

(PS - I talked to a nice lady who lives across the street, and she told me that she had never seen Anne or even heard of her. But she also told me that people on this street "don't talk to each other much"... and you all know what that means, don't you? Yes, it means that Anne is doing her best to fit in.)


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...and without the typo....
Thought she lived in cuckfield sussex, then north London, Stoke Newington to be exact then elsewhere in North London, then Hurstpierpoint, Sussex then Reigate. So not that local then.....

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The following sections from the Guidance for candidates and agents makes interesting reading:

5.13 Your home address must be completed in full, and you should not use any abbreviations. The address must be your current home address, not a business address. The address does not need to be in the constituency in which you intend to stand; it could be anywhere in the country.

5.18 It is a serious offence to include false information pertaining to the name or address of a candidate in nomination papers, or to falsify the signature of a subscribing elector. If you are found guilty of this offence you may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to a year, or face an unlimited fine, or both. If you or your agent are found guilty of making a false statement in a nomination paper the election may be invalidated. The Returning Officer must adjudicate each nomination paper on its face value. As to objecting to the nomination of other candidates, see 5.20 below.

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Using Google, if you search on "guildford conservatives" this blogsite nicely comes up as items 6 and 7 on the first screen. But if you search on "guildfordconservatives" (no space), all the Tory sites still come up but this one doesn't. Strange. Can this be remedied ?

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