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The Star Wars Photoshopping Project


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Star Wars

Just how much fun can one man have with one image?

In late 2002, I'd been actively Photoshopping at sites like Fark and B3ta for about a year when I suddenly developed a sudden and unexplainable obsession with this image.

No doubt you've seen it more than a few times, but I couldn't help but feel that it was a mere nudge away from perfection. The following pages chart my obsession with this image, and include contributions from people I met along the way.


Star Wars - Prince Charles

It started with the simple insertion of Prince Charles. I mean, who better to rescue a princess?

Star Wars - Happy Days

"Aaaaaaaay! Sit on it, Vader!"

Star Wars - A Team

Moving right along, we come to a team that would have no problems infiltrating a military stronghold and making off with a princess. The garbage compactor scene could only be improved by the impromptu construction of a hydraulic battering ram capable of taking out the magnetically-sealed door, the tractor beam and maybe even the main reactor.

Star Wars - Blues Brothers

"It's 1.12 parsecs to Yavin IV. We've got a droid full of stolen plans, half a pack of death-sticks, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses." This one is obvious - and Carrie Fisher gets to stay right where she is. I really should have given her a bazooka, though.

Star Wars - Every Which Way But Loose

This is perfect beyond words. With Philo and Orville on the case, we'd get to see a decent fist-fight instead of all this sneaking around. I'm not sure how Clyde would get on with Chewie, though. Wookies can be very territorial.

Star Wars - The Jones Boys

"You dolt! Do you think that my son would be that stupid that he would bring the secret plans all the way back here?"

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