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Star Wars - Erm...

Eamon (the submitter) isn't the only one to have a bad feeling about this...

Star Wars - Carry On

Meddling Monkey... erm... gave me one. Um... and something about a matron, I suppose.

'Where will it all end?' I hear you ask. Well, let's put it this way; production may have slowed in recent years (especially from my end), but we're nowhere near the finish line.

I've posted a bunch of practical Photoshop techniques that I've learned from the exercise, and the screensavers are turning out to be pretty popular, but there are people who are begging me to please, please stop.

Sadly, I am unlikely to stop anytime soon. The picture is trying to speak to me. It is trying to tell me - and you - something deep and profound about the universe.

I leave you, as always, with this comforting thought:

Leia and Luke might not have known they were brother and sister, but that's OK. Neither did their parents.

May the Force be with you.

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