Labour campaigners using FOI laws to dig the dirt on Tory leader Michael Howard

Posted by Tim Ireland at 12 January 2005

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BBC – Labour tries to dig up Tory past: Labour is trying to use new openness laws to dig up electioneering material about Conservative leader Michael Howard’s time in government. Requests for the documents have been put in by a range of Labour politicians and party members, a party spokesman told the BBC News website. They include queries about Mr Howard’s role in the poll tax and claims he fast-tracked a passport application. Ministers are normally barred access to the private files of past governments.

Oh, this is so begging to be flipped on its head. Where shall we begin digging?


  1. Anthony Wells says

    “Where shall we begin digging?”You’re not going to get any war-related stuff, so two words Tim. “Bernie” and “Ecclestone”.

  2. Anthony Wells says

    Going back much, much further, it would be interesting to see if any papers are out there concerning Jack Straw using his position as Special Advisor to Barbara Castle to obtain information about Jeremy Thorpe/Norman Scott.

  3. Manic says

    Good call. Bernie is one in a million, after all.It would also be interesting the know if the Very Moral Mr Blair did a deal with Richard Desmond that allowed his porn station Television X to become part of the add-on digital TV package.A request or two regarding the FMD debacle (which seemed to ‘clear up’ magically just in time for the last election) would also be illuminating.

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