Backing Blair – Video III now live

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Labour in - Blair outVideo III isn’t ready yet. Well, the Video III that I describe here isn’t ready yet.

This is:

Backing Blair III – Political Debate
(Flash – 1Mb – NSFW audio)

If you’ve ever watched Blair and Howard bitch and snipe at each other in the House, then you’ll know how entirely fitting this treatment is… but apart from that and a swift reference to right-wing tabloids, that’s about it for the political message in this one. (As you may or may not be aware, Video I and Video II carry a little more weight.)

So… “What is it with this?”, I hear you ask…

Well – and let’s be perfectly frank here – this is bait. It’s meant to have broad appeal and that magic ‘must-share’ factor. I’m hoping to reach a million unique visitors inside a month, and confidence is high (London Underground reached a quarter of a million visitors in a fortnight, and it was pretty London-centric).

You may also note the closing message, which will come to life as a poster (that doesn’t eat up black ink) later today.

The irony is that it may well be this video that makes Labour HQ take Backing Blair seriously.

UPDATE – Yup, thar she blows. New poster design is ready to roll.

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