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I was going to a do a linkish round-up of all the Tory Fear articles and opinions, but Robin beat me to it:

Perfect.co.uk – Labour In. Blair Out.

Well, all that leaves me to do is throw an extra link or two into the mix:
Emotional Blackmail from John O’Farrell
Hobson’s Choice

Here’s a couple of extras:
ToryScum.com and libdemthistime.org (Next time, Russell, just send an email, OK? There’s no need for comment spam.)

And this, of course…

Guardian – Rise in postal votes fuels fear of fraud: Record numbers of electors are applying for postal votes for the general election, raising fears that it will be open to widespread fraud. A survey by the Guardian of 55 councils covering 135 constituencies reveals applications to vote by post have risen in all cases, tripling in some places, particularly in inner cities. The increase comes as demand grows for urgent changes in the postal-voting system, last week labelled by a judge as “an open invitation to fraud”. There is an ongoing court case, and police are investigating fraud in six areas of the country.

UPDATE – More on this from Nick Barlow.

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