Make with the Google-juice

Posted by Tim Ireland at 21 April 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

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Thursday, April 21st, 2005
10:13 am and is filed
under UK General Election 2005.

Folks, I need as many people as possible to starting pointing Google in the direction of

If you already link to the address, please update your links.



  1. johnwards says

    What text do you want? Just Craig Murray?

  2. Manic says

    Yep, that’s fine.

  3. Justin says

    How about Reg Keys as well?

  4. Justin says
  5. johnwards says

    Reg seems to be doing rather well with google sitting at no1Craig is no where in google for the and the .org.ukBut in MSN hes no 1 for the and 1 in yahoo for the

  6. thenickster says


  7. Manic says

    I think the original site was penalised/marked by Google because of the way the articles were mirrored… so I want to see how it reacts to the alternative domain.

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