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BBC – Oaten resigns over rent boy claim: Former Liberal Democrat leadership challenger Mark Oaten has stood down as the party’s home affairs spokesman over an alleged affair with a rent boy. Mr Oaten released a statement apologising for the “embarrassment” caused to his family, friends and the Liberal Democrat party.

Dick’s Diary – My local MP is a twat: Oh dear who is a silly boy ? Must be something in the water. Was bad enough that Stephen Milligan the former local Lib Dem MP was found dead wearing stockings and suspenders with an orange in his mouth and a bag on his head. Now Mark Oaten MP for Winchester, married with two kids admits an error of judgement having been caught by the tabloids with his pants down.

Bloody hell.. I’m a (former) foreigner and even I know that Stephen Milligan was a Conservative MP…. and that there’s a difference between an orange and a satsuma.

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