You better run, you better take cover

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(Queensland) Courier Mail – Repeat sex offender to be deported: A serial child sex offender with a 43-year criminal history will be kicked out of the country as soon as he is released from a Brisbane jail this month. Raymond Kenneth Horne, 61, has been declared an unlawful citizen in Australia after spending more than 14 years behind bars for sexual offences against boys as young as 13.

(Australian) Daily Telegraph – Anger over plan to deport pedophile: Raymond Kenneth Horne migrated to Australia with his family as a five year old in 1952 but will be sent to London next week when he is released from jail after 14 years behind bars for sexual offences against boys.

1. Spare a thought for any poor sod by the name of Raymond Thorne: the peeps at the Mirror have mistakenly used this name not once but twice.

2. There are a number of points and concerns worth discussing here, so congratulations to the good people at the Sun, who have run with the story and actively promoted the following as their main online discussion today (the title speaks for itself):


Is it just me, or is this likely to become the most informed, balanced and constructive debate of its kind?

UPDATE – Dave Cole – The right answer, the wrong reason

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