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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

A final word

Good people of Guildford; I have a few final words I'd like to say about this weblog, the Conservative candidate, and your vote on May the 5th.

You are, of course, welcome and free to vote any way you wish... but there are a few facts (repeat; facts) that I think should be brought to your attention. All of this data was collected as part of the main purpose of the weblog, which was made clear from the very start: The plan is to focus a microscope on Anne Milton's campaign in an effort to find something - anything - of substance.

It has been suggested/suspected that this weblog is the work of Liberal Democrats. I feel I should also go on the record - one final time - and state my position on this:

I am planning on voting for Sue Doughty. Why? Because over the years I've seen plenty of evidence of her effectiveness as an MP. I've been greatly cheered by her correspondence (in the letters pages of the Surrey Advertiser) with the developer Michel Harper over the small matter of large casinos. When I needed her, Sue Doughty was there to ask a question in Parliament on my behalf. And finally, whenever the subject of Iraq or civil liberties came up in Parliament, I had no need to badger my local MP to do the right thing, as I knew that Sue Doughty would always vote responsibly. In this respect and in many others, she has never let me down. I am more than happy to see Sue Doughty continue as my - and your - MP.

I am not a member of the Liberal Democrats. I am not associated with Sue Doughty's campaign and/or a member of her campaign team. I am merely a satisfied constituent.

So let's get on to Anne Milton who, statistically speaking, is the only alternative candidate.

The first time I approached Anne with a problem, it involved a rather disturbing cold-call from a 'research centre'. When I emailed her about it, she addressed almost every question I raised. Except for the one about where this call came from. Anne knew full well that it came from Geneva (a call centre directly associated with the Conservatives) but failed to point this out at the time. She promised - and I quote - to "investigate and find out what this is all about".

I took her at her word. A month passed. I happened across the truth myself and started this weblog soon after.

And in the process of studying, investigating and publishing major aspects of the campaign literature sent to my home and the homes of other constituents, I discovered the following...

Anne Milton: The Deception of 'Success'

Anne Milton presents herself as a popular woman of action and the 'talk of the town'... but the best she can drum up by way of visible support is a rag-tag bunch of Tory activists, Tory councillors, wives of Tory councillors, relatives of Tory promoters (1, 2) and members of her campaign team. Granted, passing off campaign members as ordinary members of the public may not be a new trick and/or one exclusive to the Conservatives, but:

1. That everybody/anybody else does it does not make it any less of a deception.
2. Regardless of this, I urge you to look at the big, empty space behind this deception. Nothing succeeds like success, as the maxim goes... but Anne appears to have created her 'success' as a local campaigner out of thin air.

Anne Milton: The Empty Promises

She's all mouth and no trousers. This has been covered comprehensively in a previous post.

Anne Milton: The Racism

Anne likes to portray me as an angry young man, but there's really only one thing that made me truly angry about her campaign; the pamphlets that pandered to racism. Pamphlets with Anne Milton's smiling face all over them. These pamphlets played on people's fears in a way that is both offensive and irresponsible. This pattern continued with the Tories stirring up fear of disease and murder.

Anne Milton: The Mumbles

When confronted over the presence of activists in her pamphlets, the best Anne Milton could do was; (mutter) opaquely that it was possible to use a photograph inadvertently. When confronted about racist pamphlets only appearing in impoverished areas, she muttered some excuse regarding the Post Office!

1. The Post Office didn't write them.
2. The Post Office didn't deliver them.

This is just one small reason why I think Anne Milton will have some difficulty acting effectively as an MP. In Parliament, a record is taken of everything that is said and follow-ups are common. Mumbles just don't cut it.

Anne Milton: The Lie

However... there is one instance I know of where she has given a (more or less) direct answer to an awkward question. And it was a lie.

Anne Milton: The Conclusion

I wouldn't trust Anne Milton as far as I could throw her. I place no faith whatsoever in her abilities, her word, her promises, or her character. I had my doubts when I started this weblog, but did not form a firm opinion until I had been exposed to much of what you see above.

I'm far from impressed by the way Anne Milton has conducted herself during this campaign and have seen no evidence that proves her to be a viable alternative to Sue Doughty.

I'm hoping that some of my fellow constituents - when presented with the facts - will agree. I'm even hoping that some dyed-in-the-wool Conservatives will see sense on May 5th. After all, their best chance to get a stronger candidate next time is to reject Anne Milton this time.


Anne Milton has proved to be the sort of politician who given a situation cannot resist stretching the truth until it breaks (echoes of New Labour ironically). Give her enough rope, she will hang herself. I just hope she has been unmasked during this campaign and we don’t have to wait for her to do it in parliament.
I also think however that this seat is too close to call despite what the bookies are saying. Last time a lot of Tory voters stayed at home and I think many more of them will vote this time. The students vote will probably be crucial to the outcome, so I hope they go out and vote as well.
For the record I am not a Lib Dem (or Labour) member/activist either, but I will be voting for Sue Doughty as I think she is the far better candidate for Guildford.

- | -

I find it sad that you have made such a personal attack on Anne.

I don't quite know what personal problems you have but to air such biased, ill-informed nonsense achieves nothing.

Why not give our new MP a chance before re-aligning those blinkers?

- | -

twobells: I was less than impressed by Anne Milton at first, I must admit. And I made that clear. But I did not develop a personal dislike for her until after such matters as the racist leaflets and her attempts to dodge the issue (rather than take it head-on like the 'nice person' and 'Tory rebel' that she is supposed to be).

Also, I would classify the MRSA scare-ads as 'biased, ill-informed nonsense', but I looked at the facts and presented them rather than just presenting my opinion as fact as you have just done.

Rather than blowing a 'hate/personal' smoke-screen, perhaps you would care to make a contribution.

Start with delivery. If Anne actually delivers on a promise, then let me know about it.

- | -

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