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Tuesday, May 03, 2005 

Michael Howard comes to town

A little bird tells me that Michael Howard will be patrolling Guildford High St from 10:30am Wednesday morning and pressing the sweet, supple flesh of local voters.

I've been tagged by Miltonites, and am unlikely to get anywhere near the man.

So, if it's not too much trouble, could someone please take the time to greet him nicely, shake him by the hand, and tell him in the politest way possible that Anne Milton is a dipstick? He's a busy man, and may not be aware.



If pictures of Milton "taking action on the environment" (picking up some litter)and "taking action on families" (talking to a lady with a pushchair); will a picture of her with Michael Howard make her Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party??

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......oh and when you tell him ...can we have a photo of the magic moment...

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I hear a rumour that he was booed, and that the Tories got into a fight with UKIP.

Well, by rumour I mean it was on Sky News.

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He was *definitely* booed, and the confrontation you speak of arose when a UKIP supporter tried to muscle his poster forward in direct competition with a Tory-poster-wielding Miltonite. The police intervened and was all over in seconds.

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The star of the show seemed to be Edwina Curry's puppy. That's puppy singular, John Major wasn't there.

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