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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 

Oops, we did it again!

Monday 10th Oct 2005: This blog criticises Anne Milton for sitting on the fence.

Tuesday 12th Oct 2005: Anne Milton finally declares support for a candidate:

Guardian - 12 October: With Guildford's new MP, Anne Milton, also declaring for him last night Mr Cameron now has 29 public backers, Dr Fox 15, Mr Clarke 20.

That's three complete coincidences in a row, folks (see: coincidences 1 and 2).

We've heard reports of Amme declaring support for David Davis on the radio early last week, but have yet to confirm that. But if we could, it would show a clear pattern of her backing the favourite... and then backing the favourite. No matter... lack of confirmation on this front merely robs us of a new nickname; Little Morphin' Annie.

Also, this belated declaration requires us to update the Anne Milton For Shadow Cabinet campaign, but let's give members of her staff the public a chance to refute the importance/effectiveness of this blog first, m'kay?

Comments were open on Monday and Tuesday. They are open again today.

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My, my... it *has* gone quiet, hasn't it?

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