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Busy? A bit…

I’m building some wonderful personal, professional and political stuff. Most of it will be ready within the next two weeks. Do hang in there. Oh, and here at last are the results of the Four-Letter-Word Competition.

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I’ll be running (almost) silent for the next few days. Bloggage will be light. Cheers all.

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The Job Search

Note – this is a very long post, and probably only of interest to the core-faithful. But curious passers-by are also welcome…

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I’m sorry…

… but I have to wait, and so do you. See you in the morning. :o) PS – Oi! Milton! Wake up!

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Just you wait….

I will have a *very* special treat for you on Tuesday morning. :o) UPDATE – Tom’s back online, and he has a small treat for you right now.

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Remembering to save often

We’re having a series of brown-outs in the office this morning, so my access to Teh Interwebs (and electricity, for that matter) is limited. I’m busying myself with a useful post about Googlebombs. tyepsavetypesave*bugger*restarttypesavetype*bugger*bugger*bugger*restarttypesavetypesave… With you shortly.

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Heh. I was kind of tired this morning, and mistook The Mirror for The Sun. Nonsensical post deleted.

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Gigs in London

A rather fine Australian musician I know is headed for our shores in June (don’t worry; he’s marrying one of their women and doesn’t want your job), and I was wondering if any readers knew of venues in London that … Continue reading

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Help wanted

There’s lots to be done and not a lot of time to do it in. I need a code-monkey who can take a visual design, knock MT into shape to match that design and include all the fun bits and … Continue reading

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Bloggerheads – Year Three

Bloggerheads was born at 10:02 on Friday, December 14, 2001. On the first anniversary, I crunched a few numbers. Last year, I crunched and compared. This year, we crunch and compare yet again. (Next year, some comparisons may be a … Continue reading

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