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The Backing Blair constituency pages have been updated: In some cases, where good arguments have been made by people in the constituency concerned, the Tactical Voting advice has been changed to reflect more realistic opportunities. So, for example, if Labour holds a seat with the Conservatives in second place, but the Liberal Democrats are close behind the Conservatives, then the Tactical Voting advice would reflect the situation that people from Labour are more likely to vote LibDem than Tory, and recommend the LibDems as the ideal recipient for your vote.

If you know of a constituency where our strategic voting advice can be improved in such a way, please do get in touch.

A lot of effort is going into presenting our position as ‘we want you to vote Tory’, when in reality it is ‘if it’s called for, we don’t want you to be afraid to vote Tory’… and I’m sure you can work out why.

There are others taking a different tack, claiming or suggesting that we see the Conservatives as a viable alternative when it should be clear that we see very few alternatives in this election.

Others suggest that we get behind Labour and try to effect change from within.

Damn fine strategy, that. I just wish I’d thought of it before the Iraq war. I could have joined the army.

UPDATE – I hope to bring you a funding update early next week. The more you give, the better the news will be.

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