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Guardian – Papers reveal Bagram abuse: New evidence has emerged that US forces in Afghanistan engaged in widespread Abu Ghraib-style abuse, taking “trophy photographs” of detainees and carrying out rape and sexual humiliation. Documents obtained by the Guardian contain evidence that such abuses took place in the main detention centre at Bagram, near the capital Kabul, as well as at a smaller US installation near the southern city of Kandahar. The documents also indicate that US soldiers covered up abuse in Afghanistan and in Iraq – even after the Abu Ghraib scandal last year.

This is from an embargoed press release from the ACLU. You can read a copy of it here.

Guardian – ‘Nobody is talking’: The evidence of two new books demonstrates that 9/11 created the will for new, harsher interrogation techniques of foreign suspects by the US and led to the abuses in Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond. In a special report, James Meek reveals that it is the British who refined these methods, and who have provided the precedent for legalised torture

Nice double-meaning in that headline. Nobody’s talking.

And nobody’s investigating. One can only wonder why.

Also, nobody’s asking questions. Well, to be more accurate, nobody willing to ask genuine questions can get anywhere near Bush. Instead, whores lob softballs his way…

New York Times – The White House Stages Its ‘Daily Show’: It is a brilliant strategy. When the Bush administration isn’t using taxpayers’ money to buy its own fake news, it does everything it can to shut out and pillory real reporters who might tell Americans what is happening in what is, at least in theory, their own government.

Even if you don’t have a shred of humanity in you (or if you’re more concerned about the latest jobless figures for Blyth Valley) this should disturb you greatly.


Washington Post – War Helps Recruit Terrorists, Hill Told: The insurgency in Iraq continues to baffle the U.S. military and intelligence communities, and the U.S. occupation has become a potent recruiting tool for al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, top U.S. national security officials told Congress yesterday… “The Iraq conflict, while not a cause of extremism, has become a cause for extremists,” Goss said in his first public testimony since taking over the CIA. Goss said Abu Musab Zarqawi, a Jordanian terrorist who has joined al Qaeda since the U.S. invasion, “hopes to establish a safe haven in Iraq” from which he could operate against Western nations and moderate Muslim governments.

Meanwhile, we have this happening in Britain, while Blair’s supporters are busy depicting protest voters as petulant children wanting to ‘slap Tony’s wrist’ for purposes of self-gratification.

It’s the whole ‘naive peacenik’ thing again. We lack wisdom in the ways of the world, you see. If only we would open our eyes to the ‘truth’…

My eyes are open. And I can’t stop screaming.

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