The Amarillo Army video

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Common sense entered the project about halfway through Take 2Google cache of the page that started this whole mess.

There’s another download link available here.


FFS, they should be court-martialled for lack of compression alone.

UPDATE – (20:00) Both links now dead. And at 56Mb, I’m not surpised.

*Compression* is what you need fellas. No need to (harmlessly) bring down the MOD network (for a laugh). Try *compression*..

UPDATE – The BBC have an excerpt on this page.

UPDATE – Here you go… lots of download options here.

UPDATE – Picture posted to B3ta.

UPDATE (24/05) – You may cry now. (4.5Mb WMV file) Online marketing types may wish to check out the slightly NSFW website this is promoting to see how they source their promotional stuff. Then you may cry again.

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