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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
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Tom’s back. Comment spammers brought the site down *again*… and at a crucial time! We even renamed the comment file, but some enterprising chap saw fit to correct those details and sell his list afresh, resulting in Yet Another Automated Comment Onslaught and Yet Another Server Crash.

Tom is now on a new server. We have some serious elbow room and hope to drive the spammers away or wear them down until they (finally) give up these pointless attacks. If not, then we may have to fall back on registration. Or professional contracts.

PS – We’re at zero-hour + 1 day. I wish Tom all the best.

You may want to send hugs too. Because you’re a girl. A big, soft, girly girl.

(Not that I’m saying it’s going to *be* a girl…)

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