Poor Kylie

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 18, 2005

Category: The War on Stupid, Uzbekistan

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
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News of Kylie Minogue’s breast cancer tragedy preceded an item on the emerging body count in Uzbekistan on ITV news last night. That pleased me greatly.

Today Kylie is on almost every front page and The Scum have close to a dozen pages of coverage and analysis.

Poor Kylie. Poor, brave Kylie.


  1. Scaryduck says

    A rather more cynical (female) media analyst I spoke to today commented “Poor Kylie – the only woman in the world to have breast cancer”. A rather opportune smokescreen to cover all that naty stuff about ID cards…Also: note the number of media outlets already referring to her in the past tense.

  2. Andrew says

    Our man in Sydney on BBC breakfast even announced her death, although I’m sure he meant to say cancer. It was quite bizarre.

  3. Martin Stabe says

    News values

    If you live in Britain, you couldn’t have missed it, because it was on all the front pages, including the Guardian: cheese pop singer Kylie Minogue has breast cancer. Minogue’s cancer story is hardly unique, and I guess any peg…

  4. Indigo Jo Blogs says

    So, Kylie’s got cancer

    Last week Crooked Timber noted how the BBC reported the possible disappearance of 300 African children from British schools underneath a report on the buyout of Man Utd by Malcolm Glazer. This week it’s Kylie Minogue’s breast cancer.Man…

  5. Shane McCracken says

    Don;t be so hard on this story. After all breast cancer killed 13,000 women in Britain in 2002. http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/Breastcancer/BreastcancerfactsandstatisticsKylie being diagnosed with it simply highlights that it is a killer of young women as well who don’t check as often as medical experts would recommend. Don’t be down on the story just because it involves a celebrity.

  6. Manic says

    So what you’re saying is that we need to get Tony Hadley out to Uzbekistan and in the front line ASAP.

  7. Shane McCracken says

    Graham Norton might be better?

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