Fear what is foreign, love what is new (and good for you, too)

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
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Europhobia – Blair government – yet more bullshit scaremongering: Bunch of opportunistic bastards. This is precisely the sort of thing which leads to increased racial tension and suspicion. It’s irresponsible and cynical, designed merely to build support for a stupid and ill-considered policy in the face of condemnatory expert opinion – despite the fact that the policy in question will do precisely tit all to prevent the perceived problem.

I was watching a series of WW2 propaganda films last night (directed by such luminaries as Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones) and one of them dealt with the danger of rumours in a time of war. All of the sins committed by the dopey soldiers in this cartoon have been committed time and again by our ‘leaders’ in this ‘war’ on terror.

Or is it war on foreigners? Hang on, maybe it’s a war against protestors?

Hell, they keep changing Teh Danger so much, I get confused.

Look behind you! Bear!

Hah-ha! I scared you.

But seriously, bears would be less of a problem if we had an integrated and co-ordinated system of identification that…

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