We tolerated it… we *paid* for it

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Thursday, June 30th, 2005
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I tell you, it’s a crying shame that the courts; “(have) no power to make any decision or interfere in any way in which taxes are spent”… because I’m a taxpayer and I’m fucking *ropeable* that my government spent 175k on training soldiers involved in the Uzbekistan massacre and we *still* don’t know how many protestors terrorists they potted.

Damn it, I want to know where my money goes and if it’s being spent efficiently!

Guardian – UK trained Uzbek troops weeks before massacre

The official figures, prompted by a question from Liberal Democrat defence spokesman, Michael Moore.

Take another look at Bush’s crew chumming up with Karimov.

Perhaps Craig can find us a picture of Jack Straw massaging baby oil into his back.

UPDATE – Ooh, look! We even provided essential military equipment.

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