Good news, comrades!

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
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The Register – Murdoch to bring MySpace to UK: News International has sent the social networking world into a tizz by saying its US-based will hit the UK within a month. According to the BBC, Fox Interactive Media president Ross Levinson told a conference in Las Vegas that the UK launch was on track, and that the initial plan was to “tap into the music scene”.

(Cheers to Nick for the heads-up.)

UPDATE – Five quid says that someone just made (or is about to make) a bundle out of the currently parked and marked ‘for sale’ domain – a WHOIS shows that the record was last updated, erm… today. The domain has been in the posession of Total Web Solutions (and appears to have been held and advertised on a speculation basis) since late 1997.

Oh, and some clever-clogs registered 9 short days ago.

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